Giddy up

While scouring the intertubes for Monken news, I came across this tidbit:

Wake was the fastest offense in college football in 2019 and averaged 83 plays per game.

The Dawgs averaged 67 plays per game last season, if you’re wondering.

Nah, I don’t expect the Georgia offense to go at warp speed in 2020.  But it’s certainly good to know that if Jamie Newman wins the starting job, he’s well versed in running an up-tempo offense.


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30 responses to “Giddy up

  1. Bigshot

    Jake could run up tempo.

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  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    ACC teams don’t know how to fake injuries?

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    • gastr1

      They really need to do something to get that out of the game. Like a retroactive unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when the video evidence is as obvious as what we’ve been seeing.

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      • Russ

        Just make the player sit until change of possession. They’re “injured” after all. We need to protect player safety.

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        • Gurkha Dawg

          Great idea. Or how bout if a player is injured significantly enough to stop play, he must sit out the next 5 minutes of the game. I think that it’s fairly reasonable. It would probably take at least 5 minutes to properly evaluate and treat such an injury.

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  3. duronimo

    I see where you are going Bigshot. The significant change that’s coming, is too late to help Fromm improve his prospects for the NFL. Probably cost him some big bucks.


  4. Biggen

    “They are going Nascar”.

    Man, I’m glad I don’t have to listen to that idiot anymore on T.V.


  5. practicaldawg

    I expect opposing defenses to devise more sophisticated fake injury schemes next year. Gotta adapt.


  6. I’m honestly torn on the up-tempo thing and kinda surprised Kirby would want to go that extreme. Up-tempo can leave your defense on the field a lot and this is why I didn’t think Kirby would go after Bobo.


    • There’s a difference between the no huddle and up tempo. If you don’t huddle but substitute, you pretty much can’t go tempo because the defense can and should be able to respond. If you are going to go tempo, you don’t substitute. You make the defense take a risk to substitute.

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  7. The substitution rules and players faking injury have seemed to all but kill up-tempo.


  8. scorecheck

    Man this has devolved to be a pretty snarky place.


  9. Charlottedawg

    We’ve averaged high 60s in plays per game pretty much throughout the Kirby era whether we were scoring in bunches in 2018 or 2017 or just generally sucking on offense in 2019 and 16. Not sure pace of play is going to change or that it’s as critical an x factor (at least for UGA) as it seems on paper.


    • WIll (the other one)

      Looking both at Monken’s Okie St offenses, and what Clemson and OhioSt were able to do this year (while fielding top 5 defenses) I think we could see the plays per game go up from the 60s it is now, but not into the 80s like Wake. Mid-70s looks to be the sweet spot if you have great players where you maximize potential for explosive plays, but aren’t going so mindlessly fast you could wear down your defense.


    • rchris

      Adding more plays helps you distribute the ball more which can help with recruiting. If you run 80 plays instead of 65, you can pass 15 more times per game without decreasing the carries that the running backs get. Everybody’s happy, and prospective recruits are happy too.

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  10. 92 Grad

    I know “balance” is a trigger right now for some, but, Monken is no idiot and he absolutely will eat clock when necessary and ram Zeus and Co. plenty. I would expect an efficient game that will adapt as the game goes on.

    TL:DR – just do everything really well and control the game.

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    • JT

      I think it was the philosophy of Spurrier and Petrino I can’t remember which one I read the quote from, use the passing game to take the lead and the running game to keep it and at the end of the game you have a balance.


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Giddy up?
    Oh, and I almost forgot: GOLLEE WILBUR.


  12. ZeroPOINTzero

    Took me a day to get the Kramer reference. I suspect we’ll be milking the Seinfeld references for the next 12 months.