Having the warm and fuzzies in the aftermath

Tell me, when’s the last time you expected a fan of another program to express jealousy over Georgia’s hire of an offensive coordinator?

We are living in strange times, my friends.


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27 responses to “Having the warm and fuzzies in the aftermath

  1. Biggen

    ND sounds like they are a year behind us with that coaching logic.


  2. Greg

    REALLY think Vandagriff commits because of this and Broderick Jones signs.

    A lot of positive momentum going into ’20. Appears to be a great hire.

    Kudos to Kirby!


    • spur21

      Nope this is a complete failure……….I was told by several Gators we will fall from the top of the east because Dan Mullen eats bulldog puppies for breakfast.

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      • Greg

        yeah….critics gonna “critic”.

        Thinks we still will be a run 1st offense, we will just spread’em to keep them guessing. Opponents will not be able to stack the box as before. Got some receivers coming in to help, Just gotta execute, without that…scheme don’t mean shit.

        Recruits are paying attention. Like the hire, but WTFDIK.


    • Derek

      How can we miss on Jones with that open spot at LT? Surely we get that one done.

      The Caleb Williams vs. Vandagriff battle will be interesting. Before the hire i was thinking we might be leaning more towards Williams, hence Vandagriff looking at OK. With the monken hire i now think Vandagriff is our guy.

      We will be passer first, athlete second rather than the other way around with Monken.


      • Greg

        yep, there is a definite need at tackle….just not as nervous now as before since the hire.

        “We will be passer first, athlete second rather than the other way around with Monken”.

        As it should be….agree


        • Derek

          I think you can be productive either way, but I’m not sure you can run Monken’s offense without being a passer first.

          Malzahn’s offense and Meyer’s offense can function with mediocre passers IF they are tremendously gifted athletes.


  3. Derek

    The more I’ve learned, the more I like the hire.

    It appears to me that the guy has tried to learn whatever he can about offensive football to accomplish the goal of getting as many explosive plays as possible.

    The reason we get constipated as an offense is when the ILB’s and Safeties aren’t worried about us burning them and they come downhill to stuff the run.

    If we can earn the deep ball concern it will open up the running game and we can function and be efficient.

    What i’ve looked at suggests that he wants the defense to be worried about 4 verts on every play. This is NOT going to be Mike Leach’s air raid. This it not going to be 1,000 ways to get 3 yards. Its going to be a dedicated effort to take the top off of the defense. This will attract the sort of wrs we need to consistently beat sec dbs.

    We start recruiting wrs at the same level we’ve recruited the other spots and we’re not watching tv on the second Monday in January. We’re there.

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    • LOL. This season, I’m really going to enjoy you making every effort to disassociate Georgia’s offensive scheme from the Air Raid.

      Is Monken going to run Mike Leach’s offense in toto? Of course not. Will there be Air Raid elements in what he runs? Absolutely.

      Might as well get used to it, man.

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      • Derek

        Don’t disagree about the “elements” at all. But we’re not going to be playing 67-64 games with UCLA.

        Yes that was a football score. Between UCLA and WSU. In 2019.

        Leach’s qb was 41-61 for 570 YDS and 9 TDs.

        And they lost.

        I know I should embrace that fucking abomination, but I’m apprehensive.


        • The one thing you shouldn’t have any trouble embracing is Leach’s definition of balance.


          • Derek

            It depends on your play makers. Alabama got a long way chucking it to amari 15 times a game and playing defense because thats what they had at the time. Right now, george should get the most targets. I’m not targeting anyone else nearly as much for and because of philosophy. If we have any other player or players that deserve the ball they should get it. In short, we don’t need 5 Landers drops in the name of spreading it around. 5 Landers catches would be welcome.

            At the end of the day its about winning the football game by any means necessary. Winning lots of football games over the course of a season requires passing and running efficiently.

            Stats!, if that’s your thing, doesn’t. If you like 9td passes in a home loss to a bad football team, go to Starkville.

            (UCLA was 0-3, and finished 4-8, when they won at WSU with 67 points, but yeah that ol’ leach he’s a good ball coach!)


        • Anonymous

          Leech’s problems on defense have always been that every time he has hired a good DC, they get a better job the next year (e.g. Alex Grinch). He was doing that in locations that are not attractive to DCs. The quality DCs found had to be plucked from obscurity. The Bizarro Dawgs are different. They have a long history of attracting excellent DCs. The defensive talent available at MSU is unlike that which he had available in Lubbock or Pullman.


          • Derek

            It has NOTHING to do with having a 32 point lead with 6 to play in the third and not being able to control the ball and eat time.

            There is a name for losing at home after blowing a 32 point lead to a bad football team.

            Its name is Air Raid!!

            Who doesn’t want a whole lot of that?!


            • Xon

              Derek is anyone arguing that Monken is going to run an offense that looks just like Leach’s? Why are you tilting at this windmill?


              • Derek

                The degree of adherence to the Air Raid has been the subject of debate of late here.

                The host on 1.17.20 at 11:12: “In that clip, tell me he doesn’t come off as a Mike Leach disciple.”

                The host made similar Monken is (to some degree) “Leach-ian” inferences both responses to my posts ^^^^^.

                I suppose if I have to wait until someone says “identical to Leach” then you do have a not so reasonable point to make here that I will choose to disregard.

                I don’t think the host is suggesting “just like” nor am I suggesting “opposite of.” I suppose the debate is:

                how closely does Monken or has Monken adher(ed) to Leach?
                how much will he adhere to Leach while at UGA?
                depending on where you fall on those questions, is that a good/bad thing?

                I and the host have a long-standing disagreement all things Leach as a football coach. You are welcome to offer anything of substance on your next foray should you so choose..


  4. A couple of things here fella’s, UGA’s new OC is also a wide receiver coach, hence the wide outs will be route specific which means the qb throws to a spot, should UGA have extreme success this season we’ll be looking for a new oc in a year or two


  5. Mike Cooley

    Some of y’all can’t be happy about anything.

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  6. duronimo

    Classy comment from the Notre Dame guy vs. the giddy trashing coming from Florida fans.
    Once a descriptive tag gets attached to a person it’s hard to kill it. “Matty Ice” or “hall of famer so and so” for example. Air Raid is the oft-repeated moniker for Monken, but it doesn’t mean much here. His definition of “balance” is where you hang you hat.


  7. Were not going anything air raid. Were just not going to be mind numbing stupid, I hope. Even our linemen were too bunched. Run options that are actual options. Better passing trees. Exploiting match ups. Utilizing speed and flex, not just power. Maybe a QB roll out to a drag! Monken probably has looked at our ppaybook/tape and “wtf gif”

    Were not going 5 out, RB wheel route, backyard ball. We’re Georgia. With Kirby.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    So long as we don’t hire a guy from Jerry Glanville’s “run n gun” or spurrier’s “fun n gun” or that Auburn coach’s “Gulf Coast” Offense, I don’t care what u call it …just find a way to manufacture explosives plays. Kirby can run it to his heart’s content in the 4 th QTR when we’ve buried an opponent


  9. Gaskilldawg

    Believe it or not it sounds as if we may return to our roots and run as Wally Butts inspired offense.


  10. Gurkha Dawg

    I have an honest question. What do y’all think would happen if Kirby had somehow hired Mike Leach as OC and said “Mike, do whatever you want with the offense”? Leach has never had the kind of talent that we will put on the field. Does anyone really think UCLA is going to score 67 points against our D? I think it would be more like the early Wooden basketball teams at UCLA. Teams could stand up to the UCLA full court press for a while, but sooner or later they collapsed and were blown out.


  11. ASEF

    How do you get your best players on the field? How do you let your best players do what they do best? How do you take advantage of offensive rules that seriously tilt the field in favor of the team with the ball?

    The offense this year wasn’t really addressing those issues. Monken’s job is to answer those questions. Who cares what the offense is called? Just because something is called an “Air Raid” doesn’t mean the linemen can’t mash. Leach could never recruit the kind of OL who are both huge and fast, who can both drive, slide, and pull. An absurd game between two defense-challenged P12 teams run by Leach and Chip is hardly a comp for the kind of versatility Monk can add to the mix.

    Kiffin at Bama came in Year 1 and threw it all over the field with a converted RB in 2014 and got to the playoffs. He built the offense around a freak at RB the next season. Whatever gets the job done.