I’ll take “2020 Transfer Portal Candidates” for $200, Alex.

Give Jeremy Pruitt credit for gaming out the next wrinkle in SEC recruiting first, peeps.


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19 responses to “I’ll take “2020 Transfer Portal Candidates” for $200, Alex.

  1. Reverend Whitewall

    Ok that’s kinda funny that AU let them waste all that time and energy trying to flip a guy who can’t be flipped. I know they weren’t going public at the kid’s request, but they could have quietly let UT know what’s up if they wanted to, and instead let them spin their wheels for a month. I gotta respect that. 😂😂😂

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well, that makes me wonder if UT hasn’t been recruiting Mays for the past two years….

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    • Derek

      His dad is a former UT player. UT could have done that without breaking any rules or having any direct contact.

      I just hope the kid is doing what he wants to do.


    • Milton Dawg

      Speaking of Mays, I wonder what he meant last night when he tweeted after the McGregor fight “Just wait till you see what he NCAA’s about to do to Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia.”


      • Mike Cooley

        I seriously doubt Cade Mays has any inside information. That sounds like a repetition of some horse shit Pruitt and Fulmer told him and Mr. Sore Finger. I would hate to be Cade Mays when he comes to Athens. Our defensive front is going to make it a long day for him.


      • stoopnagle

        Coming from Vol Navy, that’s a rich statement.


      • Russ


        “I couldn’t secure a consistent starting spot so I’m gonna transfer and spread rumors.”


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Like the ncaa is gonna drop the hammer on 4 of the top earning schools in the history of cfb. The younger Mays is turning out to be just as goofy as the father. Here’s some useful advise: avoid folding chairs.


      • Speaking of Mays, I wonder what he meant last night when he tweeted after the McGregor fight “Just wait till you see what he NCAA’s about to do to Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia.”

        It’s a fake account.


    • mp

      They were recruiting his brother, easy enough to get info through


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Of course, but it also would have been easy enough for them to find out Hardy had already signed with Auburn. Jes’ sayin’ they could do it legally, but maybe it’s more fun the other way? 🙂


  3. Whiskey Dawg

    Jeremy pushed his old Smith Corona portable from college up against the TV screen and typed that user name and password thingy and nothing happened.


  4. Bright Idea

    Recruiting has become a total comedy with teenagers holding adults by the short hairs. So e of this is on Hardy too.


  5. duronimo

    From now on, Mayes is nothing but an obese, orange covered, steaming, pile of hog flesh. Now off the subject: GTP is a professional. well written, thought provoking blog. There’s nothing out there close to comparable, unless you are prepared to pay. I know it takes a lot of time get it posted each day. Thanks to all who make it possible. And for those who comment, you know what you can do with your opinion. (lol)


  6. Macallanlover

    I would bet the hatred that seems to be coming from the Mays family began in Dec, 2017 when his decision to let his boy make his on decision turned sour, following a poor dismount from a folding chair. Then Papa Tooth who was having to live with the hillbillies’ anger every day in Knoxville, couldn’t stand it any longer as the week/months pile up. When the recruitment of Baby Tooth was going well to get to Athens, a new plan was born. The extortion plan was ramped up and seen as leverage to get the boys back home and stop the drive by shootings of “neighbors”. Fully armed with a plan, Traitor Tooth played the role of a Matador in the Sugar Bowl waving Baylor OL by him. No OL player could have lasted 2 years and been that bad. Don’t care where he went, should have gone there anyway, I just hate he quit on his team. Low character scumbag, should have not gotten on the plane, UGA would have been better off that night.


  7. NCDawg

    Where is the line between this and tampering? I read the article and something just seems….off.


  8. Brandon

    “If they knew the site existed, which is doubtful, did it not come up once to check? What is going on inside the halls in Knoxville? Is Jeremy Pruitt awake?”