“But you don’t put up (his numbers) without significant talent.”

From a generally positive piece about Jamie Newman from a Wake Forest beat writer’s perspective, comes a couple of holes in his game:

“Newman is looking for a system that doesn’t put as much of an emphasis on designed quarterback runs,” O’Neill said. “I think he understands how valuable he is as a runner; he just doesn’t want that to be the best feature of his skill-set. His acclimation will come as a pocket passer who can also hurt teams by scrambling.”

If there’s any part of Newman’s game that needs work, it’s his “short-to-intermediate passing accuracy,” O’Neill said. It’s worth noting that Newman threw 11 INTs last season — 2nd-most in the ACC. (Fromm, by comparison, had 11 in 2018 and 2019 combined.)

“It’s not bad; it’s just not where it needs to be for him to be a 1st-round QB,” O’Neill said. “He struggles to read underneath coverages and it’s led to a few interceptions … In a different style of offense, he should improve in this aspect.”

No doubt some of the interceptions came because of the pressure on Newman to carry the Wake offense.  But struggling to read underneath coverages is a coaching issue as much as it is Newman’s.  We’re still waiting to hear how staff responsibilities shake out in the wake of the Monken hire.  Whoever winds up coaching quarterbacks will have his work cut out for him, no matter who wins the starting job.


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8 responses to ““But you don’t put up (his numbers) without significant talent.”

  1. Greg

    He will have plenty of practice at the #1 defense in the land….win win.


  2. Will (the other one)

    The key there is “not where it needs to be for a 1st round QB.” If that’s Newman’s goal, and the transfer + working with Deshaun Watson’s QB coach/trainer sure point to that being a personal goal, that’s a good sign.


  3. duronimo

    Fromm’s low interception rate is due in part to a less aggressive style of play, likely forced on him. He was reluctant to throw into tight windows – the exception being his favorite pass …. a sideline 50/50 throw. Newman has a great arm and will try those throws, even against superior DBs in the SEC. That could be a problem. However, Monken;s system gets receivers open enough to minimize that potential issue.


    • Anonymous

      The backside shoulder pass to the sideline against inside leverage isn’t a 50/50 ball. It is more of a 60/2 ball. It takes a bad throw, great DB play, and really poor WR play for those to be a pick.


  4. junkyardawg41

    ” But struggling to read underneath coverages is a coaching issue as much as it is Newman’s. ”
    That is an interesting take — is it that the coaches are not coaching him up, the play calling is more of a one read and run, or is it a QB related issue. WF was the 15th ranked offense in the country. Not sure I would break that down into a 50/50 proposition.


  5. UGA '97

    fast hurry up offenses, means that the QB involved in the most plays in CFB (83 per game in 2019) usually leads to a few more chances for picks. Now that he’s upgrading his surrounding cast, talent, resources, coaches etc…he’s got the toughest Defense in the land to go against everyday.


  6. WNCDawg

    Eh actually Jake said his play was on him. Sloppy footwork and breakdown of mechanics sounds like the Dawgs could have used some coaching up. I mean what do you do in the film room just drill in what the QB is gonna see vs. next opponent ? Really individual drills should be seen at least twice a week. Seems like coaches slip up maybe as much. Technique out the window and I’ll just out athlete you. It’s clear that’s the NFL and coaches seem to be adding that to the college game. Honestly for 30 years of coaching in high school we did take chances but we did conceive a way to maintain contain to each side. Yes contain did break down but if the DE stuck his head inside there was a LB or SS to flatten a gaper.
    The Dawgs defense was outstanding with young no names but there were breakdowns and there will alway be against great athletes. It’s hard to drop 8 and play contain.