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Over and out

Half the SEC is on this list.

If you’re a Georgia fan, the good news is that there aren’t any new names to wave goodbye to.



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Jeremy Pruitt wants YOU!

Tennessee’s offer numbers over the past two years are nuts.

I guess they’re used to rejection in Knoxville.


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Random Internet question

Anybody know what the story is on this Andrew Ray fellow?  He strikes me as being either a clown or a performance artist, but regardless, he sure seems to be irritating a fair number of folks with his shtick.

Just curious — I don’t follow him, but he pops up regularly in my Twitter feed these days.


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Monken speaks.

Well, not to us, but still

“I sat down with Todd Monken yesterday (Monday) and what he is about to do with the Georgia offense is going to be awesome,” he said. “I got to meet him on Saturday and we just had some small talk type stuff. Yesterday we really got to dive into some X and O stuff. We sat down on the board, did a whole presentation, we talked coverages and it was really good.”

“He told me he wants to bring more passing to Georgia, but he also understands you have to run the ball in the SEC to be successful,” he said. “It will be mainly a pro-style offense, but with a lot of passing, mixed in with the RPO game,” he said. “He made it clear to me, we would not be handing it off 40 times a game, let me say that. It was clear from him, it would be multiple.”

I keep saying this, but Kirby Smart, I don’t know you anymore.


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Mark Richt has gained control of South Carolina’s offense.

Sorry, couldn’t resist ($$).

Mike Bobo will be the fifth person to call plays for Muschamp this fall. The former Georgia quarterback brought another former Georgia quarterback, Joe Cox, with him as tight ends coach. Four of South Carolina’s six offensive assistants, not to mention the head coach himself, are now former Georgia football players. That group includes Bobo, Cox, wide receivers coach Bryan McClendon and running backs coach Thomas Brown.

The Gamecocks are coming off a season in which they ranked 122nd in the nation in yards per play (4.65) against FBS teams, and the team is losing its best wide receiver, Bryan Edwards, and four senior tailbacks.

Muschamp is hoping the staff makeover can give South Carolina some punch and thus save his tenure at the school in Year 5.

Jeez, between Gator fans sounding like we used to once upon a time and Agent Muschamp’s embrace of Richtball as salvation, I really feel like I’ve fallen through the SEC East rabbit hole.


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“I would go crazy in their offense, especially with the new offensive coordinator there…”

In case you’re wondering how Todd Monken is going over on the recruiting trail early


UPDATE:  This, too.


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Ch… ch… ch… ch… changes

Now, after reading those posts about Monken’s offenses at Okie State and Tampa Bay, if you want to have some fun (assuming you have a subscription to The Athletic), run your eyes over Seth Emerson’s initial stab at an offensive depth chart ($$) to see whom you can project to succeed in Monken’s offense.

Of course, don’t forget to take into account a few changes since the end of last season.

Let’s say you were a Georgia fan who, after the SEC championship, decided it was time to go on a long vacation, throwing away your phone or any other mechanism to consume news. Then you returned a scant 45 days later and decided it was time to check in on how things looked with your favorite team’s offense.

The new starting quarterback is … Jamie Newman?

The new offensive coordinator is … Todd Monken?

The new offensive line coach is … Matt Luke?

And Cade Mays, one of the keys to the offensive line, is now at … Tennessee?

Andrew Thomas, D’Andre Swift and Isaiah Wilson turning pro anyone could see coming. But Solomon Kindley, too? And Jake Fromm really did it?

Yes. And yes. Oh, and the probable new starting tight end is a guy named Tre’ McKitty.

Like I said, have fun with that.  And remember that pundits are being paid to predict right now how Georgia will do this season.


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Monken film study, part two

I found three clips exploring Monken’s work at Tampa Bay, after it was announced he was going to Cleveland to be the Browns’ new offensive coordinator.  I guess you could say these turned out to be totally irrelevant for that purpose, since Monken didn’t call the plays there, but, hopefully, these will prove to be instructive for us.

Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

The overwhelming impression I have after watching those is that we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.  Monken’s passing game is constantly in attack mode, using downfield routes to pressure defensive backs, what one of those commenters notes comes from classic Air Coryell passing concepts.

What’s really appealing about that to me, as someone who pulled his hair out for much of last season watching receivers ineptly run routes and watching play designs that did nothing to scheme receivers open, is the way much of what Monken does is put together to get receivers free by putting pressure on the secondary to make choices.  What’s scary, though, is that’s going to put a premium on getting Georgia’s receivers to play in a very different way than they’ve been used to playing.  Will those forty practices between now and September be enough time for at least some receivers to emerge ready to play the way Monken wants?

I can’t help but come back to the question I’ve had ever since Smart and Fountain parted ways:  is this really what Kirby Smart has in mind for Georgia’s offense?  I mean, it’s pretty easy to see how Monken’s scheme can stress a defense, but it’s definitely not a pound your opponent into submission approach to football.

I can’t say for sure how this is going to work out, but I find myself intrigued about where the program is headed as much as I was when Richt finally put Martinez out to pasture.  (Before you go there, note that the program is in much better shape now in terms of overall talent than it was after the 2009 season.)  I don’t see how they can’t show some of this at G-Day, so let’s just say I can’t wait.

What are some of your impressions from those clips?


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Monken film study, part one

I decided not to call this Dawg porn, because… well, because it’s not a look at Georgia’s offense, but, instead, it’s a brief take of some passing concepts Todd Monken used at Oklahoma State, but if you start envisioning what that might translate into with players wearing red and black and that gets you a little aroused, well, I understand.

The screen pass in the first clip was enough to make me go looking for a cigarette, if you must know.  Man, that’s a thing of beauty.


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