3rd and…

Thought this was an interesting statistic.

At 41.18%, Georgia’s third down conversion rate last season was 50th nationally.  (I probably don’t need to tell you which game saw the Dawgs notch their highest mark of the season against an FBS opponent at 66.67%.)


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6 responses to “3rd and…

  1. Biggen

    UF please don’t ever get rid of your DC! Please!


  2. I know we like to make fun of 3rd in Grantham, but we were quite lucky with that, saved the game for us. Not very repeatable either. It’s a beautiful anomaly…but anomaly.


    • Macallanlover

      “Not very repeatable”……except I believe 2018 was almost a carbon copy. Fromm was on fire on 3rd down both years, and the receivers held on. It was hilarious. Almost more enjoyable than the 2017 curb stomping because the FU fans actually had hope for a couple of quarters as their defense played 1st and 2nd down pretty well.


  3. WNCDawg

    Interesting group of teams that were 25% or less in 3rd and.. 14% Vandy, USCjr, Kentucky and of course LSU. After the fighting Boomer’s the training wheels never were adjusted


  4. WNCDawg

    Even the Barn…. seemed like every time we got the beers on ice the Dawgs dropped the cooler and the beer spilt … Moët could have been blowouts but we woke up sleepwalking