“Newman has the ability to blend into any system based on what I’ve seen of him.”

Mark Weiszer has a piece up about the strengths and weaknesses of Jamie Newman, from the perspectives of three former NFL quarterbacks who watched him play last season while doing broadcast work.  It’s generally informative and worth a read.

This part had me drooling a little:

Wake Forest used unique designed runs for Newman, Hasselbeck said.

“They’re kind of sometime QB follow type plays,” he said. “It’s not just a normal zone read. He literally ends up like being the backside seal blocker at times at Wake with some of the stuff they did. He’s just big and strong. If you look at Cam Newton with the Carolina Panthers, there was a pretty good stretch when he was their best goal-line back. I could see a scenario at Georgia where it’s a part of their offense now inside the 5-yard line, now all of a sudden, one of your best goal-line backs is your 230-pound quarterback and now you’re defending 11-on-11. You can get an extra blocker because of his ability as a runner.”

It’s not that I’d want him doing that every time down at the goal line, but planting that possibility in the minds of defenders and defensive coordinators?  Hells yeah to that.


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18 responses to ““Newman has the ability to blend into any system based on what I’ve seen of him.”

  1. It would not hurt my feelings at all to have a Cam Newton type athlete at QB. Just don’t let him be a Cam Newton type schmuck.

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  2. Russ

    Just putting the O back into RPO will give me an O.

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  3. ugafidelis

    Be still my heart!


  4. Man there sure has been a lot of drooling on here through the years but dammit if still haven’t eaten.

    With Newman – I’ll believe it when I see it. Lest we forget Wake scored three whole points on Clemson last year,


  5. Uglydawg

    What are some thoughts on why JN didn’t enter the draft?
    Wanted a year at a top program for showcase? To up his draft status?
    Too much competition at QB in this years draft?
    I’m probably missing something huge..but I am thrilled that Jamie’s a Dawg and I hope he wins the NC and the Heisman!


    • Will (the other one)

      I think part of it was he has only one season of tape really. He could have declared, hoped to impress at workouts, but it would have been a pretty long shot.


    • The other Doug

      He was being used too much as a running QB and had zero talent around him. That means he would be a project type QB and go late round. A solid year at UGA and he’s in the top 3 rounds.


      • ASEF

        Sage Surratt is a serious talent at WR and will play on Sundays if he gets fully healthy. The guy opposite Sage is a very good college receiver as well.

        It was not a one man band. His replacement in the Syracuse game put up wildly better stats after he came in.


    • ASEF

      His 2nd half of the season was pretty underwhelming. And I’m reasonably confident his NFL feedback was “check the following boxes next season and expect to be a day 2 guy at worst.”

      That pay gradient as you move into the second round or higher escalates pretty fast, so he stands to make a lot of money if he shows out against a SEC schedule while making NFL throws.


      • spur21

        I think he was really banged up with all the running he was asked to do.


        • practicaldawg

          Agreed. He was Wake’s feature RB basically. It will be very different when defenses have to close lanes not only for Newman but also Zeus and friends.


  6. There are 100 great ways to score I side the 5. We used…like 2 maybe. But having your QB have 3 looks/options at short and goal is so huge.


  7. Salty Dawg

    I’m drinking the Kool-Aide along with reading Dawg porn and it’s mighty fine! Excuse me for a minute or two or three.


  8. Jack Burton

    A part of me believes that Newman might just be this years transfer darling that the media is latching onto.

    A little too much hype and drooling for me to buy in just yet.