Nothing happened.

In a shocking development…

Meanwhile, Greg McGarity shakes his head at another school missing the marketing angle of making beer sales a premium perk for big donors.


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  1. 3rdandGrantham

    To be fair, 1.46m these days will barely cover the outside LB coach’s salary.

    Honestly, for ADGM and TPTB, I think they view it more as a socialeconomic issue for them, not a big donor perk thing. In other words, in their eyes, Hank siting in section 310 is more likely to cause a ruckus after throwing back a few during the game than Grahame Burlington III is siting in 207.

    Thus, we can never allow the great unwashed to consume libations in our great stadium.

    And for that, and that eea


  2. Castleberry

    Looking forward to the day when beer drinkers are honored in the Silver Circle on Dooley Field.


  3. Athens Dog

    I would just like to drink a beer in the right field bleacher at baseball………..

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  4. 79Dawg

    Does anyone understand “revenue” is not the metric anyone should be looking at here???
    Assuming the margin on alcohol sales is 50%, that is $700k in gross profit, which again must be reduced by labor, infrastructure, overhead, etc. Let’s say the net was $500k – that is a drop in the bucket in a $100MM+ athletic budget.


    • Interesting point of view, considering UT’s athletic department was recently running deficits. Or are we only supposed to consider net funds when it comes to beer?


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      You’ve got a point, but revenue, or gross sales, or whatever you call it, is the most popular quick number. Further, there’s as many ways to compute net profit as there are clever sneaky bean counters.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Beer sales saved 2000 season ticket holders with and economic impact of $32M over the next 5 years according to the GAO method of made-up accounting. 🤓


  5. spur21

    $500 K here – $500 K there and pretty soon you are talking a chunk of $$. Ever wonder how bars survive if there is no $$ in booze? How about the restaurants that fight tooth and nail to get a pouring license?


  6. Bright Idea

    Those hillbillies guzzled that shine early in the season for sure.


  7. St. Johns Dawg

    As someone who gladly partook in buying beer at Neyland when the Dawgs visited this past season, I can say I was surprised/relieved that it took me seconds to reach a stand from my seats and less than 5 minutes to purchase beer … in each of two trips before 4th quarter (not during halftime). Somehow I can’t see this as being the case if UGA went all-in at Sanford Stadium. There would likely be too few stands (like located only in one section of the stadium) and long, long lines (like at Vandy – nightmare).

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  8. PansyTheDawg

    There’s a line between donating and purchasing, but I guess people would prefer to be called donors instead of purchasers.


  9. leslie22h

    For McGarity, alcohol sales at Sanford Stadium may be a political hot potato. Sinkwich, Leebern, and Farmer all have UGA roots that stretch back many decades and each donates (lots of) money to UGA Athletics every year. If only two companies are permitted to distribute one brand each to the stadium, which big money donor gets left out?