Today, in Dawgy downers

You know something Georgia hasn’t done well recently?  Transition to a new offensive coordinator ($$).

The last three times Georgia had a new offensive coordinator, the results were not good.

2015: Fell from first to fifth in the SEC in offense, and from first to ninth in scoring.

2016: Fill from fifth to 11th in offense, and from ninth to 11th in scoring.

2019: Fell from third to sixth in offense, and second to fifth in scoring.

I doubt Smart is unfamiliar with that track record, which makes his decision to change coordinators again that much more surprising or impressive, depending on your point of view.

I wonder if Dantzler is tempted to call 2020 a throwaway season.


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26 responses to “Today, in Dawgy downers

  1. Mark

    Here’s hoping Monken will be a puppy upper instead of a dawgy downer.

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  2. dawgtired

    A small step back is to be expected until the team gels, but you’ll never get where you need to be if you never make the change. Continuing on the same path only postpones the inevitable.


  3. Derek

    1991 went really well considering where we’d been.

    2001 was a good transition.

    1996 was ugly. Not that 1995 was pretty but that was because we lost our best players to season ending injury.

    We transitioned from CMR to Bobo at the end of 2006 into 2007 and that went decent I suppose. Some real highs and lows.

    Haffner was in his first year in 1980 so that was all coachin’ right there!


  4. Jeff Sanchez

    I believe after Fromm left JD already called 2020 a rebuild


    • Jeff Dantzler is one of the dumbest people in the Bulldog media. If he’s calling 2020 a rebuild, why in the hell have we been recruiting like crazy for the last few years?


  5. I consider the 2019 season to be a “throwaway season.”


  6. Dawg151

    After the type of season LSU had this past year, it’s easy to point at them and say that new offensive systems and coaches can produce spectacular, immediate turnarounds…but LSU’s season is not the rule, it is the extreme exception to the rule.

    It’s typical for an offense to experience growing pains in the first season under a new coordinator. Sometimes, the growing pains last for 1/2 or 3/4 of the season…other times, they go on a full year or two. What I worry about is the fact that we’re not just replacing our offense with a new system (let’s hope it works), but we’re also replacing the position player we counted on to be the field general at the same time.

    There is a TON of turnover involved in this 2020 Georgia offense. Everyone wants an LSU offensive experience, but I feel like my expectations will probably be a whole lot lower than that. I certainly hope everyone picks it up right off the bat and the transition is seamless, or maybe the defense can carry the offense for the first few games while everyone on the offensive side of the ball adapts an settles into their role…but that can’t take long; that trip to Tuscaloosa looms large and comes up really quick.


    • J-Dawg

      I don’t envision a wholesale change this year. I see Monken easing it in over a two year period just like LSU did. We will try some new wrinkles in the UVA game and a few more against the cupcake. I expect Kirby will pass more against Bama than they expect and will try to kill them running the ball later on. After the cocktail party what you see is what he’ll go with till the SECCG. You will see both Mathis & Beck getting a lot of reps in over the season to ready them for 2021. If we catch lightning in a bottle this year, then wonderful. I really see 2021 as the year we win it all.


      • Otto

        UGA doesn’t need wholesale change, the passing game just needs to be a bit more productive. If the ’19 season had a bit of a better passing game they don’t get challenged until LSU.

        2020 is promising with a bit of change coming to the offense, returning Defense, LSU has turnover, but the big challenge is picking Bama up from the West and likely having to face them twice. The good news is Bama can expose gaps early and UGA can improve through the year to peak late. I’m not saying 2020 is the year but it is very possible, more possible than UT winning the East.


  7. Biggus Rickus

    The thing is, Georgia was bad offensively for half the season. I find it hard to believe they’ll play down to that level for any stretch of games next season. I would have thought it unlikely even if they had stayed the course.


    • Greg

      agree, don’t see the offense changing too much. They will probably fit it more to whoever the QB is. Possibly more RPO and spreading the defense with more downfield throws.

      They will stay in the pro style offense imo, it still works. They will probably resemble Bama more than the offense Georgia ran last year.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    This feels a little overstated to me. 2019 was the only time that it was purely an offensive coordinator change. In 2015, Georgia changed offensive coordinators and also quarterbacks. Also, the offensive coordinator was a Kevin Ramsey-level disaster of a hire. In 2016, Georgia changed the entire coaching staff, quarterbacks, and had an inexperienced head coach to go along with the new OC. Last year, the coordinator switch was the only change (well, except for the minor detail of basically the entire receiving corps) and I’m not sure how great James Coley is.

    All that’s to say that we should be fine. We’re bringing in an experienced quarterback who was going to be switching systems anyway. Might as well change the system before he gets here if you’re going to make a change.


    • Down Island Way

      We are fucked i tell you, all this smoke and mirrors crootin’, changing to a newer OC, special teams coach (shit man, we are fucked), strength and conditioning staff changes, next season is gonna be the worst of the throw away years evah…if only UGA had a staff for crootin’ a long snappah…


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this. Other than Kirby’s new staff in 2016, we’ve had A LOT of offensive staff continuity. And Fromm was like a coach on the field. Does that narrow it down to complexity of the offense? Or perhaps the entire scheme is the problem? Too conservative?

    Count me in favor of dumbing it down and getting the ball to the playmaking athletes. And take more shots at the end zone.


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    Have a Heisman caliber player in the backfield and OC transitions can go pretty smoothly.


  11. Doug

    If you want to transition to new offensive coordinators better, hire better offensive coordinators.

    Which is to say, I don’t think it was the “transition” part that sunk Schottenheimer and Coley so much as the “just not being very good” part. I won’t discount the idea that there’s going to be a learning curve adjusting to Monken, but his track record certainly inspires more confidence than any of the last three guys.

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  12. duronimo

    Writers have to write to get paid. That’s why almost every day one will pull something right out of their butt to “share.” I don’t even click on a Conner Riley piece anymore. “Five reason for this or that…” “Winners and Losers …” None of these OC’s were hired because they were failures. They likely failed because of circumstances or constraints beyond their control. Monken in Cleveland is a fresh example. If outmoded, incompatible thinking or concepts are imposed on him here, he might join the list.


  13. ASEF

    Whenever you change an OC and an OL coach, you’re going to throw away some investment in prior reps. Not too much – those new guys are going to try to build on the foundation from the prior. Don’t reinvent the wheel and all that.

    I’m more concerned about a new QB coming over from a bad conference. Fortunately he’s been to Clemson, so it’s not like he’s never seen that environment or that level of athlete before when he heads to Tuscaloosa.


  14. Keese

    For the talent we have it can’t get much worse


  15. Macallanlover

    That piece by Seth was quite sobering. I was well aware of what pieces had slipped away since the SECCG but they came at us piecemeal and I wasn’t adding them up. Well, One is the Loneliest Number when that is the only starter you have returning on offense (and I think he may be in the wrong position.) I wasn’t predicting some 12-0 start, followed by the SEC title, but our coaches will have to roll those sleeves up and make some early decisions. But, this could be the most fun coaching experience these guys have had in a very long time. And every player can say they are getting a fresh start, and not having to work through all the traffic.

    I said the other day we would not see a lot at GDay because Kirby liked to keep his cards close to the vest. That may still be true with scheme, but day is a “show and tell” for the players looking to earn playing time in the fall.


  16. duronimo

    Sobering my hiney. It’s all good. The fat hogs are gone. The less than great receivers …. history. The quarterback … playing with one arm tied behind him by the system … won’t be missed. The super-fantastical news is that the old, fear-based, molasses slow offense is also gone. The players and coaches we have left are better suited to win it all despite how depressed Seth has you.


  17. BuffaloSpringfield

    By the QB#’s, I would like to have seen Jake stay. Was it Tua’s decision ? Did he as rumor has it matrimony ( GF graduated IDK ) Wonders really for the last 2 years if Hollifield and Nauta had a little push. Then all the undisclosed absences into the bowl game. I thought Herrien had a good year, grades I mean it was one game. You get hurt you get hurt most of these guys are never gone end up on disability. Really how much money do you need ?
    Don’t ask the SEC league office. McGoofy or his McGill donors. The Braves signed the Cards/Marlins LF for $18 mil one year. Hit 83 bangers in 3 years. No proven 3rd baseman that can hit and play the bag too.
    Do we actually have hero’s any more ? Do we even care Really ?
    Look at the QB room promising grad transfer, sentimentally I could pull for the underdog Bennet, Mathis should if anyone should just declare medical hardship ( metal plate screwed in with bolts don’t sound like the battle I’d want to fight ) hats off to the S and C staff as well as UGA doctors or he wouldn’t be around now. Beck enrolled in school for spring. Vandefriff committed.
    That’s 5 QB’s well technically 4 healthy ones. Bennet could transfer after spring. He have to set out to play but he is a great student GPA wise and he wants to play. That leaves 4 maybe 3 depending on doctors evaluations on Mathis. Cleared but no contact. ( metal plate gonna be thicker after spring ball. That’s a grad transfer one year, if that goes sideways. ( see ex UVA QB transfer ) Bennett if he’s still here and Beck.
    Wonders if CKS would consider Brice from Clemson. Two years remaining. Grayson High School. Dawg fan till Fromm flipped from Bama. Then CKS went cold.
    The bottom line is with the undisclosed, the early draftees, 2 of which did not have conclusive grades to make it. Having known players that CKS knows is gonna be there 3 years. The disgruntled Prather Hudson ( good kid ) Otis Reese don’t know if they want him at S or LB. confused talented gone. Cade Mays confused family dominated kid. How many of you would do what he did ( prolly cause Butch was out the door and dancing chairs search )
    We are the instant gratification society; Produce now play now or you might do better going on. One draftee did not even warrant a grade and he left.
    I am not sure that pay for likeness is gonna keep a kid in school. There is no loyalty in MLB and college football is following suit. NFL is not worth a crap till it gets to the final 8 and you could pick most of those 8 in August. There are no surprises. Yea LSU caught a thunderbolt. Really all they have needed for years was a proven QB.
    So I won’t be catching gameday and ESPN’s suits. The cup caps I’ll see highlights on SEC network. So except for at Bama, USCjr., Tennessee, Ufer’s I’ll dust off the clubs, new line on the fly rod and shoot my bow. UGA is not interested in students who want to go to the games. Fundraising and Donors are what fills the stands. There are corporate exceptions. What am I missing besides my mind and love of football that was. Joe Willie was a Pirate rouge before Jimmy Buffet and he only signed for 400k. Most NFLer’s were making $50,000-$65,000 at the time. For the love of money SIGH