Your Daily Gator is deeply offended.

PFF joins the pack in issuing a way-too-early 2020 set of rankings, but unlike the pack, ranks Georgia as its highest SEC team.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

As of now, the SEC is running through the Georgia Bulldogs. They return the second most WAA among non-quarterbacks as a team, with Eric Stokes and George Pickens leading the way. And they were fortunate enough to land the biggest graduate transfer of this offseason in Jamie Newman. During Newman’s 2019 season at Wake Forest, he displayed traits that Jake Fromm couldn’t touch — such as tight-window accuracy and effective deep passing — while displaying far superior athleticism. His tight-window passing grade and deep-passing grade (20-plus yards) both were second to only Joe Burrow this season. That’s pretty good company. Getting him out of Wake Forest’s up-tempo, RPO system will allow Newman to do what he does best — beat defenses with his arm instead of his legs.

(WAA is their acronym for wins above average.  There’s a link to a fuller explanation in the opening paragraph you may want to click on for understanding.)

Oh, you might ask, Georgia higher than the Mighty Gators?  How can that be?

19. Florida Gators

Before Florida fans start complaining over their team’s No. 19 ranking, they should keep in mind that the Gators are losing three of their six most valuable players — Jonathan Greenard, Freddie Swain and Van Jefferson — and Kyle Trask rarely impressed on a game-to-game basis. Trask had just two game grades above 70.0 all season long. On the bright side, the Gators return one of the best young cornerbacks in Kaiir Elam, who allowed just 10 catches on 23 targets and was responsible for six combined pass breakups and interceptions. A healthy Kadarius Toney should help matters, too.

If you think that’s probably not sitting well in certain quarters… well, you’d be right.


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22 responses to “Your Daily Gator is deeply offended.

  1. Derek

    They’ve got a really favorable schedule so I definitely think they finish higher than 19 unless they really regress. Hard to see them getting more than 3 losses.

    Wouldn’t shock me if we had the privilege of seal clubbing an undefeated gator team.


    • J-Dawg

      Gives me the “warm fuzzies” just thinking about that.

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    • Biggus Rickus

      Three losses with that schedule probably would put them around 19, depending on when the third loss comes. There’s also the possibility of four losses. They aren’t good enough to assume they’ll easily handle Kentucky or Tennessee on the road. There’s also the potential of FSU getting their shit together enough to be decent.


    • Harold Miller

      I’d say their non-conference schedule is a joke, but ours isn’t much better.


    • Yo Derek….not a huge fan of seal clubbing, could I prescribe a slow but steady gator clubbing that will cause 3/4 of the FU fans in attendance to depart the stadium mid way through the 3rd quarter claiming next year will be different ……#FTMF#FTGD


  2. That’s high praise for Newman. Interesting …
    I wonder if he’ll be anywhere near as good against SEC competition, and correct me if I’m wrong wasn’t WF near the top of the Mumme Poll for the first half of the year?


    • Alkaline

      They were a 0/1 loss team past mid-season, but then lost 4 of their final 5 games. A quick glance at the scores suggests WF’s defense wasn’t able to keep them competitive against top-50 competition–a problem I don’t think Newman will face in 2020.


      • dawgtired

        While the competition’s defenses will be more fierce, Newman will be surrounded by much better players. If our OL is what it has been, Newman will have time to show his throwing talent.
        If the new offensive staff can coach our WRs on routes and separation, who ever is playing QB will have it better than Fromm in 2019.
        Newman’s ability to run may give the opposing Ds one added element to cover. That could open up opportunities for both RBs and WRs.
        It will be interesting to see how cohesive the offensive pieces become this spring, summer and fall practice.
        It would be nice if most of the kinks were worked out before Virginia and certainly before we play Bama.

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  3. 3rdandGrantham

    My concern is UF’s easy schedule next year. They get a total rebuild LSU team at home, and at Ole Miss on the road. Meanwhile, we have to play at Bama early on and follow up with AU in October. Huge advantage for them scheduling wise, and the game in JAX is a must win if we want to win the east.

    Either way, what’s funny is if that guy had UF#3 and UGA #19, they’d be singing his praises while predicting big things for him in the future (to be fair, most fan bases would react the same).

    In other words, it just goes to show yet again that most people aren’t looking for information….they want affirmation.


    • Good point about UF’s schedule, but you’re worried about a home game against Auburn? Why?


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Fair question, particularly given our domination of them in recent years. But IMO Bo Nix is going to give the SEC fits the next few years, and mobile QBs has been an issue for our D in recent years. Regardless, I’d personally rather face LSU than AU next year as a comparison, and comparing Bama to Ole Miss isn’t even up for debate.

        Mullen/UF will be getting all the praise this off-season. But, a question you also will hear (or should) is, ‘if MuLLLen doesn’t beat Smart this year and win the east, will he ever?’

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        • Derek

          How do they deal with those losses at DL?

          It seems any gain they make on offense will be offset on the other side.

          Also, while mobile, Bo isn’t much of a runner. Gus’s offense seems to go when he has a qb who can keep it on designed runs and a stable or backs OR a great back and qb that can stretch the field.

          Until they get a really good running back I’m not going to sweat that one.

          The big game is at BDS. Need to get off the 5 game losing streak to those guys. We’re on a 2 game winning streak at BDS!

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          • siskey

            3rd and Grantham, Senator and Derek you all make good points. I think that Florida will take a big step back on Defense and Trask seems likely to regress a bit. He seemed really fortunate regarding interceptions in the games I watched last season to include to Bowl game. Auburn will probably be better on Offense with Morris calling the plays. If they are less predictable then they can certainly improve from this season with a QB in his second year. I think their defense will be good by the time they play UGA but they are losing two linemen who will be drafted in the first 2 rounds.


        • Charlottedawg

          Yeah but they have to play Georgia while we only have to beat a Florida team of 3 and 4 stars so that makes our schedule easier


  4. Rocketdawg

    The Turds are in for a rude awakening this season. Disco Dan and Towel Boys recruiting (or lack there of) is going to be on full display. Trask will take a step back without Jefferson and those other WR. Toney and Pitts are the only offensive weapons they have. The online could be marginally better. It can’t be much worse in run blocking.

    On defense they lose their two best pass rushers and replace them with Brenton Cox who if you recall was passed on the depth chart by Nolan Smith and Ojulari at OLB. They also lose CJ Henderson from the secondary.

    I think because of their pillow soft schedule they’ll win 10 games but they will lose to the only good teams they play (LSU and UGA).

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  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Anything that offends the ‘turds will always give me the warm and fuzzies. The thing is, PFF is just confirming what I’ve been telling Floriduh fans for a month: their losses at the skill positions on offense and on the d-line will impact their team far more than our losses at o-line and QB.

    We have the blue chip talent and the rotational experience on the o-line to be able absorb those hits. They don’t in the positions they lose. That’s where Kirby’s demand for player rotation on offense helps us instead of hurts us.

    Also, we’ve beaten them with Chaney and Coley calling plays for the offense. I have dreams of a 50 point beat-down in Jacksonville this year with our amazing defense and Monken’s offense spreading the field.

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  6. FarmerDawg

    Stingtalk worthy. 🤡


  7. S

    FTMF. I’d like to see a 3 or 4 score victory next year where they lose hope by halftime. Their defense will be way down and our defense will be in an even better position to dominate.


  8. DawgByte

    LOL, the poor Gator fans are offended. I’m going to enjoy beating them again this year.


  9. Doug

    I love how, after talking all season about what a garbage QB Fromm was, they’ve now decided his departure is a debilitating loss for the Dawgs.