$1.1 million

Alex, what is Todd Monken’s 2020 salary?

More than Coley’s, but less than Jim Chaney was making.  (If I’m not mistaken, Monken is still receiving something from the Browns after being canned.)


UPDATE:  And check this out.

A pay cut to come to Athens.  For now, anyway.


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  1. Connor

    And less than half what Kevin Steele at AU will be making to run their defense, apparently. Interested to see who gets more value for money in that game this year.


  2. J-Dawg

    Mcgoofy agrees to over $1 mil for Monken but refused to let Bobo get near that figure when he was lighting up defenses all over the place.


    • MGW

      I don’t recall: was it a fact that Bobo might have stayed for a good raise but they didn’t offer anything competitive, or did he make it clear to them he was straight up ready to go be a HC elsewhere, so they shouldn’t even bother?


    • California dawg

      The market was quite different in 2014. I think in a world where Kirby wanted him badly enough and Bobo himself wanted to return, McGoofy would have paid accordingly.


  3. California dawg

    So how long before Coley announces he’s leaving for A&M? I say by tomorrow.


  4. I don’t understand why Faulkner would take that much of a pay cut and demotion. Maybe take a hit now to be at a better program that will pay off down the road? OC in waiting? I have to assume he believes taking the hit now will pay off down the road. Also, that he believe in Monken and Smart. If this is close to the case then that says a lot about his drive and what and who he believes in. It’s rather impressive for all involved.

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  5. You’ve gotta have results but it’s nice to have people who WANT to be there and believe in what you’re doing. We’re so damn close!

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  6. doofusdawg

    think Monk has two years left on his Cleveland contract as well.


  7. Jay Gemes

    McGarity couldn’t be more thrilled about Faulkner, will use him as an example of how folks are willing to take pay cuts to come to UGA


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    I can think of a TON of people who would take a pay cut to live in Athens. A ton.


  9. Coley has been politely told he can leave. Good deal for him. Still on the payroll while he looks elsewhere. Then Faulkner will get a new deal. It’s pretty simple.


  10. MGW

    That’s quite an update. So who we gonna hire once Coley 100% definitely guaranteed leaves for a position coaching job in the NFL?