Died and gone to heaven

I’ve noticed a fair amount of chatter suggesting we might ought to be a little concerned about Jamie Newman’s 2019 stats, considering that he had a couple of good wide receivers to work with.

Might I suggest something of a talent rebuttal to that?

Between that, George Pickens and the tandem of running backs he’ll have available to hand off the ball, I suspect Newman’s pretty happy with the change of scenery.  What do you think?


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  1. I have to think he’s more than happy to get as many of these guys in the House of Payne to start working. The line of scrimmage has to be a sight for sore eyes.


  2. Daniel Royal

    I whole-heartedly agree. People want to downgrade his stats and the stats of his receivers because they played in the ACC. What they refuse to consider is that 1) Wake Forest had the least talented team in the ACC 2) Surrat was the #164 WR coming out of high school and Hinton didn’t even play WR in high school.


  3. Godawg

    Bout like trading my Nissan Altima for my Charger SRT Hellcat


  4. MGW

    We could have hired Sean Peyton as OC, Nick Saban as DC, replaced Smart with Belichick as HC, and had brought back Lamar Jackson for an extra year of eligibility and some people around here would still bitch.

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  5. ASEF

    Newman is moving to one of the most highly recruited offensive rosters in the country. Definitely top 5, arguably top 2.

    He’ll also be facing an entirely different level of athlete on the other side of the ball. The ACC Atlantic barely edged the lesser AAC division in SP+. Remove Clemson, and he faced a lot of Sun Belt teams.

    Newman is a NFL talent, a huge upgrade to the QB room, and extremely versatile. He also has a major learning curve ahead of him on all fronts.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Which other QB on our roster has a shorter learning curve? Which of the available grad transfer QBs have more talent and a shorter learning curve? Folks post as if we had a choice between Trevor Lawrence undef center or Newman and we chose Newman.
      Newman gives us something we otherwise would not have, that is, a physically mature guy with starting experience and some measure of success. Again, it isn’t that we took him over Mac Jones, it is the best possible option available.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Well said. With Oklahoma, Oregon and other good programs needing QBs, I think it’s terrific that Kirby landed Newman. The kid checks every box – size, arm strength, mobility, experience, etc.


      • ASEF

        I am not knocking him!

        But the “he’ll be the best QB in the SEC!” stuff is kind of crazy. Maybe he will, but throwing that expectation at him rarely works out well for athletes.

        Glad he came, let him breath, we’ll see him at the spring game.


    • He’ll probably get a jump start by practicing against our defense, though.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I agree with you. Ole Jamie sleeps soundly, knowing he has a better chance of staying in one piece.


  7. Gurkha Dawg

    I think we would win the East in 2020 with Stetson at QB. ( FU fans are delusional ). Our competition is not FU, Auburn or Tennessee anymore. Our competition is Clemson, Ohio State, Bama, and occasionally LSU or Oklahoma. I’ll have to wait and see if Newman will make us competitive with those teams. The 3rd game will tell us a lot. First world problems.


    • practicaldawg

      Agreed. I keep saying the offensive bar is extremely low. We won the East with very little TD production. I also don’t see any East defenses that will be better than last year. UF is losing a lot of talent on the defensive side.

      So if we can simply eek out another TD here and there, especially in the red zone where Rod made a living last year, we will be putting up more points than last season. And our D looks to be even better.

      We don’t need Newman to set the scoreboard on fire to have a chance.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    I definitely think that Georgia gives a quarterback a much better chance to succeed than does Wake Forest. With that said, when I see the completely unreserved carnival of praise showering down on Newman from every corner of the internet universe right now, I do find myself wondering why he’s not bringing a Heisman trophy with him from Winston-Salem. I’ve been grateful every time that I’ve been able to read any kind of reserved or measured analysis of his game that includes a look at weak points that need work. Let’s face it, he can’t be as good as some of the hype we’ve seen over the last two weeks. I have no problem with a little tapping of the brakes. I think he’s going to be a really good player for UGA. This is going to work out well for both sides.


  9. 123fakest

    Athens > Winston-Salem


  10. Mayor

    This all presupposes that Newman will be the starter in 2020. If Beck or someone else is the starter, Newman (a guy trying to get better college experience so he will be drafted by the NFL) will be very unhappy.