“This is just a ridiculous depth situation.”

Seth Emerson ($$), in the header quote, is referring to Georgia’s cornerbacks for 2020, but to be honest, that line could be applied to every defensive group with the possible exception of free safety.

It’s truly an embarrassment of riches.  It’s also the reason the Dawgs should be favored to win the East again.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    “But, but … Kyle Trask”

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  2. Derek

    I think we should be favored to win the conference.

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    • California dawg

      I think so too. The only thing that gives me pause is it’ll likely take us some time to adjust and get into a rhythm on offense, given the turnover and new OC. As much as I want to bury Bama into the dirt, dropping that game doesn’t really matter. Our season comes down to beating Florida, and Kirby lives rent-free in a stadium-sized loft inside sideshow Dan’s head.

      On a related note in regards to the west, not many people predicted the season LSU would have in 2019. I wonder if there is another sleeper team, like A&M, that will surprise people.


      • I’m with Derek. The sleeper team in the SEC is Georgia.

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      • Derek

        Losing to alabama is about:

        National perspectives on the state of the programs
        Losing gives us no margin for error.

        You lose to bama and say Auburn and you can beat UF and stay home.

        To me that game in Tuscaloosa is HUGE!!! They are in a transition as well and we’re playing far better d.


        • Technically speaking, there’s a very real and possible scenario where we lose to Bama in the regular season and then have a chance to beat them in the SECCG and finish 12-1 with a CFP bid.

          Just sayin….


        • California dawg

          Oh I know. I’m just saying beating Florida is the more crucial win, especially given their easy schedule next season. My gut says we drop in Tuscaloosa (would love to be proven wrong, just a lot for a new QB/OC/offense to be ready for week 3) but win out after that and beat Bama in Atlanta.


        • The Dawg abides

          It sounds crazy, but theoretically we may have to play Bama three times. There’s an even better chance that we’ll have to beat them twice.


    • I’m not saying the sec should just give the 2020 title to UGA, what that defense represents (taking into consideration any type of attrition) special teams play stays the same as last season, offensive growing pains till games 4/5, that defense should carry the day all season long into December and beyond….if given the chance in games with double digit leads, that defense will be trouble no matter the opponent


  3. ValDawgsta

    Can’t wait to see this defense getting after it. The amount of talent, the quality depth, and the defensive coaching staff has me more excited for a unit than I can ever remember.


  4. mwo

    The rat poison is flowing freely already this year.

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    • Macallanlover

      Lawdy, ain’t that the truth? Every year, every single year we have listen to craziness from all fan bases about “way too early” predictions based on teams yet to exist. And usually there is room and tolerance for some reasonable hyperbole…..well, just because.

      But of all the years to cool your roll, this is it. We have one starter, one, back on offense. And we have a new OC, supposedly with a new scheme, featuring new toys. What about that doesn’t send a chill down your January spine? I am all on board with how good the defense can/should be, and excited about the new crop of receivers, but man, you are digging after that for significant, proven reasons for optimism.

      I am not all gloom and doom, but reality here does justify cautious optimism. Should we be in the conversation for the SEC? Probably as a dark horse, not quite long-shot status but certainly not the front runner. It doesn’t cost anything to say that, and it doesn’t hurt either. And I hope our guys get a little chip on their shoulder about it. (Also hope the crowd in Gainesville keeps running their mouths, just like they did right up until November this past year. And like most years, they simply can’t back it up.)

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      • Dawgoholic

        One starter is just wrong. No one can argue that even if everyone from last year was back, Pickens, Hill, and Blaylock if healthy would start.

        Cleveland started a number of games too. Shaffer had some starts and I believe Salyer started a game or two. I’m not saying it’s sunshine and daisies on O but we do have a lot of talent and a fair amount of experience.

        We don’t have a proven UGA QB or left tackle. Granted those are two of the most important positions on O, but it’s not like like we don’t have talented guys that could potentially fill those roles.


  5. Mick Jagger

    Responding to a few of the above comments:

    Yes, UF is always preseason East Champ, but aren’t we always preseason NC?

    Yes, our offense may take time to gel, but can’t it be any more (pick your adjective) than last season’s?

    Yes, on paper we should be conference favorites, but “Georgia gone Georgia” (we have taken over Clemson’s cliche).

    All that said, I feel very optimistic about 2020 as I think the D will be stout and the offense at least as good.


  6. This seems to reflect that defenses are lining up with with more and more DBs and less LBs. Also, that Kirby is one of the best DB coaches and recruiters in the country. Maybe the best. It’s close between he and Satan.


  7. duronimo

    What we lost to the NFL doesn’t make one bit of difference. The 2020 team is more athletic across the board. The defense will be even better and the offense won’t have our coaching staff as an opponent.

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  8. Dawg151

    I have a feeling that we’d better enjoy Coach Dan Lanning while we have him here at UGA.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Kirby is going to have a tough time figuring out which game to throw this season. Bama seems obvious, but that will be personal. Boom again as a welcome gift to Bobo?