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And there it is.

TexAgs.com reports that James Coley has left to become the TE coach at TAMU.


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“The top one percent of one percent”

Corch, Corch, Corch…

Huntley Johnson had to be one busy son of a gun back then.


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Today’s Question of the Day

Presented without comment.

Screenshot_2020-01-24 Home Twitter


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“What have they done since their last National Title?”

On the one hand, that’s depressing as hell, but on the other, how do you manage to win at better than a 70% clip over a forty-year period without another title?  Pretty astounding…


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It’s personal.



Screenshot_2020-01-24 SEC Mike on Twitter Meanwhile, Lane Kiffin touches down in Oxford and is encouraged to get a burner p[...]


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Not as hurry up as you think.

Via Brian Fremeau,

Interesting, no?

I wonder how much of that is due to the way officials now manage the snap when an offense makes substitutions.  Thoughts?


UPDATE:  Moar data.


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I have come not to bury your Daily Gator.

The offseason marks a good time for Gator sport here at the blog.  There are plenty of reasons to mock Florida fans’ dreams of world domination in 2020, but one of those probably isn’t losses from the receiving corps, as this David Wunderlich post demonstrates.

I am curious to see what happens in 2020. There is a clear top three of returning wide receivers in Grimes, Toney, and Copeland, and Pitts easily could lead the team in targets and catches again. If Toney stays healthy, I want to see how much he does with routes and traditional receiver stuff in addition to taking screens and handoffs and using his elusiveness to try to break big gains. This will be his fourth year as a receiver, the second under a highly regarded developer in Billy Gonzales. If he has the full receiver toolset in him, we should start to see it this year.

After those four, it’s a complete crapshoot.

Yeah, they’ve got some holes to fill, but they’re not anywhere near the void Georgia was facing before the start of last season.  Just sayin’.


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