It’s personal.



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5 responses to “It’s personal.

  1. MGW

    That’d be good for some serious FOIA fun


  2. psyopdawg

    That’s just stupid. Let’s just give more power to the NCAA. They probably also want to put geographic limits on it’s accessibility. And Also, are you all of a sudden less charming on a school owned phone?

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  3. duronimo

    Exactly the solution to every activity of life. More laws — more rules. It’s time to “de-law” America. When a new law is passed, two laws must come off the books. The more laws they pass, the less laws we have.

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  4. A new rule for who?….coaches….ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

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  5. NCDawg

    I think this is clearly an institutional decision and not organization but obviously in the real world, most employers require you do all work on company devices. Obvious difference here being they want to know exactly what you are doing as opposed to plausible deniability of a school by not requiring such.

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