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The Monkening

I don’t expect we’ll get a real feel for what Todd Monken’s Georgia offense will look like until the season gets underway, the biggest reasons for that being (1) it will take time to learn what his personnel are capable of and (2) the adjustments he’ll have to make to the parameters Smart expects him to operate under (even if he has more autonomy than did Coley, there are limits).

In the meantime, a few tidbits to add to your mental file about what might be coming:

  • A commenter at the Dawgs247 board suggests that Monken’s time at Oklahoma State might not be as relevant as his time at Southern Miss.
  • Marc Weiszer spoke with a few people who have spoken with Monken.  One of Monken’s former quarterbacks makes the same point I made about Jamie Newman: “recruit the talent he’s going to be able to have access to is something he’s never had. He’s never been able to go get the pool of players he’s going to have the opportunity to get.”
  • Also, from that same article, a quote from his former boss at Tampa Bay that warms the cockles of my withered heart:  “He’s seen it work at both the collegiate and pro level so he knows the spacing he’s looking for, he knows the timing he’s looking for and he knows how to drill it. He knows how to get the reps because, especially in college, you only have a limited amount of time you’re with those guys, a limited amount of time in the meeting room, a little amount of time on the field. He knows how to get the most out of his time.”

It’s gonna be a long offseason.



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Welcome back, Geoff.

Man, I don’t know where Patrick Garbin unearths some of the stuff he posts, but this is certainly a treat.

I’m sure that encounter went about as well as last year’s Tech game did.  And this year’s, too, hopefully.  404, baby!


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