The Monkening

I don’t expect we’ll get a real feel for what Todd Monken’s Georgia offense will look like until the season gets underway, the biggest reasons for that being (1) it will take time to learn what his personnel are capable of and (2) the adjustments he’ll have to make to the parameters Smart expects him to operate under (even if he has more autonomy than did Coley, there are limits).

In the meantime, a few tidbits to add to your mental file about what might be coming:

  • A commenter at the Dawgs247 board suggests that Monken’s time at Oklahoma State might not be as relevant as his time at Southern Miss.
  • Marc Weiszer spoke with a few people who have spoken with Monken.  One of Monken’s former quarterbacks makes the same point I made about Jamie Newman: “recruit the talent he’s going to be able to have access to is something he’s never had. He’s never been able to go get the pool of players he’s going to have the opportunity to get.”
  • Also, from that same article, a quote from his former boss at Tampa Bay that warms the cockles of my withered heart:  “He’s seen it work at both the collegiate and pro level so he knows the spacing he’s looking for, he knows the timing he’s looking for and he knows how to drill it. He knows how to get the reps because, especially in college, you only have a limited amount of time you’re with those guys, a limited amount of time in the meeting room, a little amount of time on the field. He knows how to get the most out of his time.”

It’s gonna be a long offseason.


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22 responses to “The Monkening

  1. I can’t wait to see the commenters on the game day thread the first time we go 3 and out this season.


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    We may lose to Bama as the offense is coming together, but I expect it to be rolling by the end of October, which is of course, perfect timing. Our defense will be more than enough to handle the schedule until then.

    And then Jacksonville happens. I am predicting an ungodly beatdown of the #FTMF Floriduh ‘turds in which our CFB-best defense holds them to single digits while our offense thoroughly befuddles Third and Grantham so much his new nickname will be Second and Grantham as the Dawgs do something we haven’t done since the Bobo days: Feast on second down.

    I then predict we make it to Atlanta to face Bama again in a titanic showdown, with our ability to win the game coming down to if Kirby has finally learned his game management lesson: Never take your foot off the gas. Make them beat your offense, don’t you beat your offense for them by stop trying to score.

    Kirby has changed his offense, but we still don’t know if he’s going to stop the play not to lose in-game decision making. That will reveal itself over the course of the year. We can only hope so. For the first time since he blew it by doing the same stupid play not to lose shit two times in a row against Bama, when I say I hope so, I actually have hope.


  3. DawgByte

    The Monkey Man is woke and our O will be lit. Whatever all that means.

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  4. ugafidelis

    It’s too bad we’ve already lost to fbe Gators. We might have had a real shot this year.

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  5. duronimo

    Why not write a GTP song about Monken … to the tune of Sammy Davis’s “Candy Man” … I’ll start and the rest of you can jump in.

    “Who can take a foot ball, And move it down the field
    Against ‘uh cover zone or man and scoring points at will
    The Monken man, The Monken man,
    The Monken man can, ’cause he mixes up his shit
    And makes it all taste grand …

    (Your turn .. if you want in on the royalties)

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  6. Gurkha Dawg

    Monkey will face the best defense in CFB everyday in practice. Figure out how to move the ball against our D and the real games will be a piece of cake. Simple.

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  7. Mayor

    I know we all think Georgia has the best players in college football and all but I can’t wrap my head around the notion that Monken has never worked with players this good before. Maybe at the college level—sure. But the guy coached in the NFL. Tell me with a straight face the offensive personnel he worked with at Tampa Bay wasn’t better than the college players he’ll work with at Georgia.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      🙄 Why do people feel the need to be pedantic and small-minded?

      He’s never worked with talent like this before relative to the talent he’ll face on defense. Meaning yes, of course, the players in the NFL are more talented as a collective than the players on a college offense, but those NFL players are also going against NFL players on defense. The talent he’ll have on Georgia’s offense is more talent than he’s ever had to use to game plan against the talent on the defenses he’ll face.


  8. Busta

    Looks like opposing defenses won’t be able to get that Monken off their back…aka get off the field

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  9. J-Dawg

    Pure and simple: “It can only get better”. If we can get past Bama with a win it will be 12-0 going to Atlanta.


  10. HirsuteDawg

    Trying not to put too fine a Munson on it, but, some of you are counting your Bulldogs before they bark.


  11. Mike Cooley

    I know people think it’s cute to bring up “Munsoning”. But it’s overrated and is nothing more than people liking being able to have something to worry about.


    • Gurkha Dawg

      It’s a lot easier and for some people more fun to point out the negative rather than the positive. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a stock, your spouse, or your football team. We often take the positive for granted and just point out the negative.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Amen. Georgia fans of a certain age don’t realize what Munson did. I don’t believe Munson was a pessimist. Instead Munson was a radio personality who grew up when radio was the medium of entertainment. Radio personalities and radio shows created drama in order to hold audiences. Munson learned how to be a radio star; create a sense of drama. He had to hold a radio audience every game, so he couldn’t say, “We will kick the stuffing out of this team” because some listeners would turn the channel to a more competitive game.
      The supposed “Munsoning” isn’t about doubting the team it was about holding a radio audience in an era when listeners no longer listened to the radio for dramatic entertainment.


    • bcdawg97

      Even though I tend to be a Munsonite (when your formative Dawg years were the Goff years, I hope to be cut some slack), since the Richt years, I’ve been a proponent of the fact that we have no control over the outcomes on the field (other than as fans that we could be a bit louder on other downs than just 3rd). But I am a bit more excited with the changes Kirby has put into place; I didn’t think he had it in him this soon in his career.

      And in regards to positive vs negative, I’ll leave this for everyone from Russell Wilson’s mental conditioning coach – “Negative thinking is the killer.
      And if you can minimize negativity, then you don’t need to be more positive.”


  12. NoAxe

    Munson was irreplaceable to fans my age…71; coaches are not.