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It just means more (money).

Just a reminder — that’s before the extra $20+ million/year per school from ESPN kicks in.  Lawdy.



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Chicks dig the long ball.

Does Todd Monken?


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TFW you’ll say anything to distract from 52-7

Bless their hearts.


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A blog wrinkle to think about

I’m glad everyone is enjoying yesterday’s Playpen.  That’s encouraged me to suggest something new for the blog that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while.

How much interest would there be in me setting up a permanent page where people could offer to sell/buy things, like tickets, or ask if anyone has a particular service to provide, or ask for recommendations/experiences with things he or she was looking to buy?

Understand, I would offer this as an open platform, which means that (1) I’m not taking a position on the bona fides of anyone who offers a good, service or recommendation; and (2) in the case of a purchase/sale it would be up to the individuals to make all the arrangements outside of GTP.

Is that something that many of you would like to see offered at the blog?  If so, do you have any specific suggestions on how to structure this?  Let me know in the comments.


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Chasing Zachary

You guys know I don’t normally follow the stories of individual recruits, because life is too short to get wrapped up in the decision making process of 17-year olds.  (Particularly when you’ve already been there, done that with your own offspring.)

But this year, I’ve made an exception, because he’s too much fun to ignore.

Zach Evans has already signed a letter of intent. He has since been released from it and reopened his recruitment. So technically his recruitment may just continue until he enrolls somewhere. But assuming we can finally conclude the winding journey of one of the nation’s top running backs, Evans’ decision will be one of the biggest news items of signing day. He could land back at Georgia and propel the Bulldogs to the No. 1 recruiting class. He could send Tennessee back into the top 10 if he picks the Vols. Florida and Florida State have lingered, and Evans could punctuate what could be furious finishes for both. Texas A&M continues to chip away at this one and if you want a darkhorse, keep an eye on USC. The bottom line is that no one knows what Evans will do and whoever lands him would get a huge signing day boost.

Literally, this story only ends when he wanders on to a campus one day and signs up for class.  I wouldn’t have the energy to stay after this kid, but, then again, I’m not desperate enough to let a teenager, even if he’s the last uncommitted five-star recruit on the board, embarrass me publicly like some people are.

Those first dates can be awkward.


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A sign your career needs rehab

I know his last two head coaching stints left a lot to be desired, but, still, this seems like a major slide for Charlie Strong:

He’s a good DC and I’m surprised nobody’s taken a flyer on him.


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Crime of the century of the week

Somewhere out there, a Tech fan is slapping his head, saying, “why didn’t I think of that?”.


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