Chicks dig the long ball.

Does Todd Monken?


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9 responses to “Chicks dig the long ball.

  1. TN Dawg


    Pickens is gonna go off this season. Nobody in the SEC can check him one on one.


  2. Big passes are going to lead to killer draws.


    • MGW

      People knock the draw. When you’re running 55-60% of the time and rarely throwing downfield, yeah it’s not great. When it’s third and long in a situation where the whole world knows you’re going to try some kind of conservative play, yeah it’s trash.

      But if you’re throwing downfield a lot and the offense is moving, it’s a beautiful thing to behold when the entire secondary has their backs turned and the RB just shoots out of the pocket for a big chunk play.


  3. J-Dawg

    Can you imagine a draw play with Zeus getting a full head of steam and then trucking a couple of LB’s for 20 plus yards? Is it G-Day yet?


  4. spur21

    Interesting stats but……..what was the completion rate? How many of those big yardage schools won 80 – 90% of their games? So many stats so many unanswered questions.