TFW you’ll say anything to distract from 52-7

Bless their hearts.


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  1. Russ

    First, why doesn’t someone get him a red/black chopper?

    And second, that’s some weak smack talk. They’re all good at numbers and they know the recent numbers. I’d almost respect them more if they talked about how “they’re closing the recruiting gap” between us. At least there’s some truth to that one (from 100+ to 26th).


    • I’ve heard that since we rent these choppers we don’t always get a choice of color but he does prefer red when available

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    • Remember the Quincy

      Speaking of recruiting, I have a genuine question. Tech is ranked 26th and that still includes Bryce Gowdy (according to 247Sports as of yesterday). He is the WR from Florida who passed away about a month ago. This isn’t asked to make light of a very sad story surrounding his death, but I’m curious how recruiting services handle this. It appears they still count him among Tech’s signees even though his death came about just days after he signed. It probably isn’t something that happens very often at all, so perhaps there isn’t much precedence.


      • Jack Burton

        When you find yourself typing out something like this it might be time to spend a little bit more time outside.


      • Yurdle

        I think they draw the line at players who sign. It has to be drawn somewhere, right? You could do players that enroll, but that delays things until June and the services like to declare recruiting national championships on signing day.

        The Gowdy situation is obviously sad and unique. But think of UF’s class last year: lots of talent signed and then didn’t enroll or transferred out. Or, heck, look at UGA’s 2018 class with big time transfers out. This issue comes up a lot.


      • dawgtired

        The fact that GT is ranked that high, in between schools like Wisconsin and MsSt, says volumes about the excess talent in Georgia and Florida.


  2. gastr1

    You know, make a crack about the chopper colors, fine…but CKS wants “to be Geoff Collins so badly”? If that doesn’t define the overweening dorkiness that is Tech fandom…pathetic, frankly.


  3. bcdawg97

    Hasn’t Kirby used a chopper since the beginning?


  4. spur21

    What a pathetic fan base.


  5. Remember the Quincy

    They are fishing so hard for UGA fans to reply to this dumb tweet. Not even worth the time to argue with them. Pathetic.

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  6. Gene Simmons

    Pretty sure that Kirbs did it first. Chopper. And colors.
    When you can beat UGA at your house, then crow about it.
    Otherwise, go back to your “barstool” and suck it!


  7. Muttley

    You know what should be gold and white in Clarke County?

    All the fire hydrants.

    That would give them a much more accurate picture of the way things are.

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  8. Doug

    Kirby Smart wants to be Geoff Collins? Geoff Collins doesn’t even want to be Geoff Collins.

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  9. Muttley

    I’ll give ’em this one thing- While Kirby has a better overall record at Grant Field than Collins, Collins has won one more game there than Smart, 3-2. (Unless you count player/asst. coach meetings; then Kirby more than doubles him up).

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    • Muttley

      I was wrong: Collins won a road game, so he has the same number of head coaching wins at Grant Field (2) as Smart.

      But also, to be fair, Collins’ wins at Grant Field were over much better competition than Kirby’s.

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    • Dawg19

      Let’s not forget that Geoff is already 0-2 at home against teams with Bulldogs as their mascot.

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  10. Frankly, I can’t think of a more sad human being than one that is a fan of both Barstool AND Georgia Tech.

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  11. They are truly pathetic.


  12. Like

    • Will (the other one)

      No chance any Techie is doing cocktail waitresses two at a time like Fredo…


      • That’s just a difference based on the frame of reference. When your brother is running an empire, two cocktail waitresses at the same time is like beating the Citadel. Almost beating the Citadel. “I’m smaht! I can do things…”


  13. DawgByte

    How many GT students does it take to figure out that Kirby has no influence chartered helicopters colors? Apparently a lot.


  14. duronimo

    “We’re Gonna Take Your Silver Britches To The Ground” I was on this recording session back when. The singer, a huge Tech fan, showed up after downing his share of adult beverages. This was played at Tech practices that year before the UGA game. Enjoy this vintage classic.


  15. The Dawg abides

    They can’t even figure out that the ATL background thing is Kirby trolling them. It’s actually a troll and a message that we own the ‘ATL’ just like we own the entire state. It even has a Waffle House sign in the mural in a not-so-subtle mocking. You’d think a group of people that have been ridiculed for being nerds since the first day of kindergarten would recognize when they’re being trolled.

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  16. 123fakest

    Their Instagram page is exactly what you’d expect. Nerds and Fours.


  17. Busta

    It’s very simple, we run this State. Kirby Debo’d Collins for the chopper…”THAT’S MY CHOPPER PUNK!!!”. Meanwhile Collins runs off like he jus got robbed of the chain his grandmomma gave em


  18. Ginny

    The hilarious part for me is when multiple people responded with pictures of Kirby from 2016 in the same copter, they were like “we live rent free in Georgia fans’ heads!!11!!1” Like what??


  19. Will (the other one)

    Collins is supposed to be a defensive whiz, yet gave up 52 to a UGA offense so poor we basically fired our OC. Hope Hairy Dawg is ready to do a record-setting number of push-ups this year in Athens.

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  20. Whiskey Dawg

    A busy bee told me Geoff Collins so badly wants to be Joan Collins.

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  21. Uglydawg

    I’ll say Kirby wants to be like Geoff when Kirby quits coaching at UGA and takes the job as a Jr. HS football coach in a third world country.


  22. The Truth

    “Kirby Smart wants to be Geoff Collins so badly.”

    Quit quoting The Onion, Bluto. Some folks will think it’s real.


  23. The Straw Man

    UGA makes too much dough to have the HC fly around in a yellow / black chopper. That’s crazy. I am sure some assume it is Geoffy. Paint that thing Red and Black for Chrissakes.

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  24. siskey

    Historically speaking are there any parts of Georgia other than the GT Campus that are more pro -Tech than pro-UGA. I live in Oconee county so there are very few if any around here, however, I work in Jefferson and there are more here than you would think (given that we are 15 miles from Athens). In Dallas, Georgia there is a road named after Bobby Dodd “Coach Bobby Dodd Road.” Does anyone have any perspective either historically or perhaps related to economic reasons why there may be small pockets of GT fandom outside of Atlanta?


  25. CB

    Nerd snark aside, I’ve questioned color scheme of the chopper for a while now. Surely they come in red. That said, after the awful Kobe Bryant tragedy last weekend I’d like to see his ass take a limo or private jet instead. My gf’s father is a retired USAF pilot and he said he’d never step foot in a helicopter. Too susceptible to weather variations according to him.


    • spur21

      CB read this to your gf’s dad .
      Air Force Pilot’s Prayer
      God, Grant me the eyes of an Eagle
      The Judgment of an Owl
      The quickness of a Hummingbird
      The reflexes of a Cat
      The radar of Cave Bat
      The heart of a Bull, and
      The balls of an Army Helicopter Pilot


      • CB

        Judgement of an owl = don’t get on helicopters


      • Got Cowdog

        I don’t think CB got it but I did. Bravo.

        Uncle Cowdog (Played for Vince) retired a light bird from the Air Force. He flew the KC-135. He does not think it’s funny when people call his branch the “Air Farce”, and that is a lesson I learned the hard way.


  26. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t know much about choppers. But if I was a chopper salesman, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be the one stuck selling the yellow models. They MIGHT be easier to sell than pink ones, but it wouldn’t be by much.