“I think it’s the right thing to do.”

It’s rare for a P5 athletic director to say that and be correct, but, in this case, Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel is spot on with that quote.  What’s it in reference to?  This:

The Big Ten quietly proposed legislation last year that would allow players in every sport to transfer once in their careers without sitting out a year in residence at their new institution. If adopted, the legislation would mark one of the biggest competitive changes in the history of college sports…

The Big Ten’s proposal was largely unknown in NCAA circles. It went unpublished by the NCAA as it wound its way through the legislative cycle in October 2019.

Even Tom Mars…

“Helping student-athletes pursue their dreams without being unfairly penalized has become a large part of my practice,” Mars told CBS Sports. “… That said, I’d be thrilled if the NCAA Legislative Council put me out of business. Nothing would make me happier than to have them a more fair and sensible rule.”

And there’s your problem, right there.  The NCAA doesn’t do more fair and sensible well.

The soonest the Big Ten’s legislation could be adopted is 2021, which leaves plenty of time for the usual suspects to wail and moan about it.


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11 responses to ““I think it’s the right thing to do.”

  1. WTM

    Tom Mars will just move to representing those that want to transfer for a second time.

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  2. MGW

    But that won’t be like the 1950’s at all….


  3. Gurkha Dawg

    Would that rule just apply to players transferring within the Big 10 or to any player transferring to a Big 10 school from another conference? If it’s the later, that might be a big advantage for the Big 10 to get transfers from other conferences. Why transfer to UGA and have to sit a year when you can transfer to Ohio State and play immediately?


  4. I feel like there’s a “Mark Richt has lost control of something” line here but I can’t think of it…


  5. CEPH

    The teams will have to hire someone just to recruit from the other colleges. I see this turning into nothing but a quagmire. I can see it now, (position) head of raiding and recruiting from rival colleges and you know it will happen. Son, are you happy being the backup? If you aren’t, then come on down!!!!!

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  6. Mayor

    The NCAA should do this. If you give a bright line (one fre transfer) to kids it will stabilize the system. I am against wholesale transfers because the can’t get to be the starter where they are but if they know they can only have one bite of the apple they will be more judicious about it IMHO.


    • Tony Barnfart

      If you don’t like the “i’m not starter! cut bait!” then how you think you will like this is beyond my comprehension. I’m against this. Pay them, let them make commercials, but screw this. When our rivals start taking all of our best 1B players, y’all will really live this.