Jake speaks.

Check out Mr. Fromm, rocking that State Farm shirt for real now:

That’s kind of a powder puff interview, but this is probably one reason why Fromm feels better about his decision to leave Georgia early:

“This is not a good overall quarterback class, that’s for sure,” said one scout in Mobile. “There are a couple good ones, but there’s not the depth that even, like, last year [had].

“There are a couple guys that are definitely going high … a couple that will go higher than they should because that always happens because it’s such a needy position. But there’s not a lot of [depth].”

Also, this.

Ain’t that the truth, brother.


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  1. CB

    With regard to Fromm’s decision to leave comparing this year’s class to last years isn’t relevant. It’s comparing this years class to next year’s. If he ends up being the 3rd qb off the board then he probably made the right choice, but I’m not sure that’s a lock for him with Herbert, Eason and Love in the fold especially after the sub par season Fromm just had.


    • CB

      If Monken is able to work some magic with Newman (not getting my hopes too high) it’ll make me wonder if Fromm could have pushed for the top spot in 2021 a la Joe Burrows. I understand Burrows is an exception but Fromm was projected as a top three pick 6-7 months ago.


    • The other Doug

      I’ve seen a few mock drafts where Fromm goes after Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Eason, and Love. I’ve seen others where he goes 4th. I can’t imagine that 6th QB taken working out unless he gets a lucky break. I think he would go a lot higher if his deep throw stats were better, so if it’s fixable NFL teams will draft him higher.


  2. RangerRuss

    Jake went to the Crash Davis school for interviews. He’s simply not going to say anything controversial. Great rep for our school and I wish him well.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I think he’d be fortunate to go in the 3rd round to somebody that doesn’t have an immediate need for a QB, say the Vikings, 49ers, KC, Rams, etc. It would allow him to learn the system and stay healthy. Even though I usually consider Jake the proverbial coach on the field, he obviously suffered from poor coaching in 2019. I wish he was coming back and I’m not thoroughly convinced his nfl material, but I wish him the absolute best.


  4. Jake is a DGD, and I think he will succeed wherever he goes. Absolutely love the way that guy has represented the “G.” If Georgia has a royal family, he is in it.


  5. Bill Glennon

    As an NFL fan, I honestly would not want my team to draft Fromm higher than the 6th round. He is relatively small, has a below average arm, is immobile and is not very accurate, particularly on deep throws.

    He is reportedly smart with the football and a thinker on the field, but I didn’t see that last year. He threw to a covered man, ignoring a receiver breaking open, a lot.

    I have no doubt that Coley has a lot to do with his regression last season. He also did not get good QB coaching at UGA for 3 years. I don’t blame him not wanting to repeat that, but I honestly don’t understand his decision to leave a week before a change to a new QB coach and OC (assuming he knew it was coming). I think he could’ve improved his stock a lot.

    Once you get pegged as a NFL backup, and if you’re not in the first round you do, it is hard, but not impossible, to become a starter. You need an injury or something weird to happen.

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  6. Fromm was always leaving his junior year, it just looked iff after 2019. That’s why I found his delay to announce comical.