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I had one prominent high school coach in the state tell me that UF has now become the “cool” program for in-state recruits.

If Florida-Tennessee is the quintessential meteor game, what would that make a Florida-Georgia Tech game?


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  1. Was intrigued until I saw this was a Bianchi story. Oh well, I’m happy as a clam he’s still pumping out the fake juice


  2. Go Dawgs!

    My first thought was, “why in the heck would Florida with Cousin Eddie as head coach be the cool in-state program in Florida all of a sudden” and then I realized that it’s by default – Florida State, Miami, South Florida, FIU, and FAU all suck and nobody wants to play in UCF’s Mickey Mouse conference. I guess that leaves Florida, and they’ve had back-to-back mostly successful seasons so I guess that’d do it.

    Fortunately for the most talented players in the Sunshine State, they still have the option of leaving the state!

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    • Uglydawg

      Agree, Go. And what a fortunate thing it is for UF that all of those programs…and esp. UM and FSU, have deteriorated at the very time of UF’s desperation.
      Every school in that state ran out of gas at the same time…and Mullins looks like a winner because he’s coaching an upper tier SEC team with an outdated reputation that a lot of us believe is fake juice.
      It’s time for Kirby to double down and beat the living shit out of them for a few rounds. A seal clubbing would be appreciated.
      We already know that FU is going to claim great status if they beat a decimated LSU while UGA is always going to be dawgraded..
      Meanwhile, the rest of the SEC and Clemson will invade that State and rip off as much of the talent as they can.

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  3. Mark

    “And, so, what does that tell you about Year 3?”

    It tells me Mullen is still not likely to beat Georgia, same as years 1& 2.


  4. Remember the Quincy

    Dammit. Baited into clicking on a Mike Bianci column.

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  5. Rampdawg

    Could of sworn he wrote almost the same shit article last summer.


  6. BMan

    Assteroid game (spelling intentional), aka Dungeons & Felons.


  7. J-Dawg

    Bianchi lives in la-la land. UF’s offense may equal ours but they can’t touch us on defense. If our defense causes the same confusion this year that they did in last year’s cocktail party they don’t have a chance. Kirby lives in Mullins’ head and that causes Dopey Dan to take chances that backfire. Also, let’s not forget 3rd & Grantham. The gift that keeps on giving. Kirby’s 90’s revenge tour is so much fun to watch. I also can’t wait to jump on the Cackalacky weenie cocks. Will be a fun year even if we do fall to Bama.


  8. Uglydawg

    Off season pomme de rue (to give a nod to our old buddy Cojones)…
    It’s Horse manure intended to put a UGA rival in a good light while putting the two ACC schools in the Sunshine State in a not so good light.
    This is “Gator-grading” (which is the opposite of Dawgrading) and both are propaganda. G-Ging is putting everything FU in a positive light regardless of reality and of course we all know what Dawgrading is.
    “FTMF” squared.


  9. RangerRuss

    Cousin Eddie and UPENIS only have a chance of beating the Dawgs if they turn the ball over multiple times as in last season’s tech or USCum games. Bianchi is a clown.
    #F…agh, you know the rest.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    So now the ultimate compliment one can pay a program is that it’s “cool”? That begs the question, what level of cool? fu might achieve Eric Von Zipper cool, but they’ll never be Steve McQueen cool.


  11. I don’t know man, a meteor leaves a pretty big mark. Hard to find anything else near in scale. Maybe a comet?


  12. Comin' Down The Track

    Sinkhole Bowl.


  13. Doug

    Mike Bianchi gonna Mike Bianchi. If Dan Mullen pissed his pants in front of a packed Touchdown Club gathering, Bianchi would find a way to spin that into proof that the Gators have passed Georgia in the East.


  14. I’ve been wondering what Orlando’s village idiot was up to … thank goodness I didn’t give him a click. Please keep telling the Central Florida trailer park trash what a great coach Dopey is, Mike.


  15. Dont forget they have a easy schedule. Theyll run up scores and get tons more hype. JAX is going to be epic


  16. Timphd

    Bianchi is the same shrill who last year said Mullen’s boys would wax Kirby’s boys, and we all know how that ended. They are hanging on to the fact they scored two late touchdowns against us when all Kirby was interested in was bleeding clock to say they are “only 7 points behind”. Delusional group in general.