I don’t know if you’ve seen this comment from Sam Pittman a few days ago, but it’s worth reading if you haven’t.

Pittman knows what it takes to recruit well in the SEC but he says his time at Georgia helped him become even better. While Arkansas doesn’t have the national prominence that Georgia has, or the in-state talent, the approach the staffs take at both schools shouldn’t differ.

“Coach Smart is a relentless attacker in recruiting,” Pittman said. “I knew how to recruit, I felt like, going into Georgia, but it was just amped up. It was just, ‘Have you talked to the mother? Did you text dad last night? When’s the last time you talked to the kid?’ It was pressure into making sure that we were having contact with kids more than somebody else.

“It’s not really recruiting. It’s just really getting to know each other is what it is. If you take the recruiting word out of it and you say, ‘I’m going to get to know you,’ well the only way I’m going to get to know you is to be in constant contact with you.

“It’s who do you know and at the end of the day, do they like you or like your university or several reasons enough to where they can’t say no. That’s called relationship building. You’ve got to find out who’s important to them. Everybody’s momma is important to them and everybody’s dad is important to them. Sometimes grandma and sometimes the coach. You just have to find that out and make sure that it’s a constant communication with those folks.”

Pretty impressive, when you think about it, that Pittman, who’s always been a fine recruiter, upped his game coaching under Kirby Smart.

That’s how you keep landing top three classes every year.


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  1. Kirby probably has used some of his Terry education mixed with a relentless attention to detail on this (and tested and perfected it during his time at Bama). Kirby is selling a service (football player development and a college education) … people buy services from people who genuinely want to get to know them and build a relationship (that’s more than schmoozing and kissing @$$). Just throwing out a scholarship offer is like blindly responding to an RFP. You know you don’t really have a shot, but you have to attempt to win the business or your boss get pissed at you. While the player is eventually the decision maker (and you better have a relationship with him), the parents (especially the mother or grandmother) are the influencers. If you don’t have a good relationship with her, you really have no shot at making the sale. Even the high school coach at the end of the day isn’t the ultimate influencer unless the kid’s home life is so bad that the coach is a de facto parent.

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  2. Sports Fan

    Auburn has a similar philosophy. Just substitute “pay/paid” for “contact/contacted” and it’s exactly the same.


  3. J-Dawg

    I really hope Pittman does well at Arkansas. He’s a good man and a good coach. I hope he succeeds where his predecessors failed.


  4. Yea but Kirby is a liar and jumps up and down on the sidelines.



    It’s time for Kirbys recruiting to translate into.championships. Agree?


  6. Bright Idea

    I’m all for Kirby’s “relentlessness” as are most of the rest of you, just don’t panic when staff members who are less relentless can’t keep the pace and leave UGA. Their words are “Kirby never sleeps.”


  7. duronimo

    Conner, has phoned it in again today … another “winners and losers’ piece that must take 5 minutes to write. Nice topic on GTP today.
    I think the best recruiter here is the system Kirby created and manages. That’s why losing Pittman and Coley is not that big an issue. Outside of KS’s system, I doubt they will do as well, while their replacements improve as recruiters.


  8. Mark

    Very well said in the lead comment eethomas. Bye the way, I didn’t run into J (?) in The Magic Kingdom but got several “Go Dawgs” and met another UGA kid working Peter Pan ride.

    I’m just amazed we have the luxury of being able to release the top RB from his LOI and then still end up number one. The changes made in the last two weeks also show we have a Coach who is addresses everything. The results will come. I’m enjoying the process.

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  9. Greg

    Gotta be good news, Kirby is a closer. I am sure the Auburn’s OL coach leaving didn’t hurt either.


  10. more spinners

    In southwest Georgia the past week was a caravan of coaches recruiting …Bobo, Smart, Maryland, UT, FSU, Tech, Bama, and others. Have a friend who’s son is being recruited. First person Smart talked to? Mom. Young boys quickly cut those apron strings from moms, but never those heart strings.
    Oh yes, the spread. I well remember what a certain high school coach said about that offense a few years ago. Not only were the colleges going more to it, but so were the pros. Guess, coaches who freaking know how to coach actually know the game rather than a bunch of writers and bloggers. Shall we say the latter are behind the curve.
    Just think a quiet, humble, talented RB out of CCHS pushed the Dawgs to the top of the recruiting class, even past a 5 star. Maybe an indicator where the Dawg offense is going forward [no Coley, Pittman, I formation, and 3 yards a cloud of dust]. Edwards is huge not only in the running game, but the passing game [catching and blocking]. Plus he is good at kickoffs and punt returns. No Blaylock, but DE. Relentless recruiting, or recruiting for a purpose or shall we say a “ROI”.
    Certain high school coaches are pioneers in formations and schemes…then follow the colleges and then the pros.
    The coming trend.
    The rise of the academies…Florida, Bama, and soon Georgia. Those coaches get to cherry pick the players! Some high school coaches have taken note. They know who to get.
    Blame the rise on your educators. Superintendents, principals, and school boards. Ask Colquitt County and Valdosta High. Some people are just slow learners.


  11. The ultimate different between college and HS/Pro. You still have to be able to coach but, imo, recruiting is more important. Yes, there are the random cases of busts or teams really being coached up but now more than ever, it’s obvious that you have to recruit well to have sustained success.

    I could see Pittman doing well at Arkansas. That state has some talent and that university has had varying degrees of success and in many sports. It’s also obvious that people believe in him enough to leave here to follow him.


  12. Arkansas is the only other SEC program I’ve even slightly pulled for since I have deep family ties to that state and university. Mom’s side is from Arkansas. Mom played BB at Arkansas and my cousin played football at Arkansas. My grandfather finished his degree there after serving in WWII and Korea. There have also been band members and regular college students as well.


  13. Macallanlover

    You have to be in awe with the accomplishments of Kirby, and his staff, the past four seasons in recruiting. I would put it against any 4 year stretch by other schools. But that said, the NCAA needs to put more limitations on contact by coaches with recruits. Coaches need more time away from the job with their families, and recruits need a break from the incessant calls/texts from coaches. I would hate to work for someone like Saban, and Kirby, they are both relentless (at least KS seems to roll up his sleeves along with his staff.)