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Alex, I’ll take Slow Friday Nights for $200.

“What is April 10, 2020?”


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What losing control sounds like

I guess we shouldn’t count Mike Gundy as a fan of the Big Ten’s proposed one-time unfettered transfer rule for college football players.

“The NFL doesn’t have unrestricted anytime free agency, none of the pro sports do,” Gundy said. “Those athletes have to fulfill their contract. What we have with our student-athletes is a four-year contract. It is what we sign and they sign when they are recruited. The NFL does not allow teams to tamper with other players. What’s to stop Ohio State, Michigan, or another major power from contacting a player developed at another school and encourage them to come play for them. Then there is no penalty, no year they would have to sit out.”

The two things I love here are (1) college athletes are under contract; and (2) schools may tamper, but the penalty ought to be on the player.  Gotta admit that’s a convenient rationale, Coach.

Keep in mind that these kids can transfer any time they want; all we’re arguing about is whether they should have to sit out a year or not should they do so.  Something coaches like Gundy don’t have to worry about if they scoot for greener pastures.



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Stars in their eyes

Josh Hancher sent up a flare my way about his post today on recruiting ratings.  It’s something of a variation on what Bud Elliott does with his blue-chip ratio metric.

The first thing to notice is that, once again, ratings matter.

So, I went back and scraped off the rankings for the top-1,100 recruits through the 2015 class and had got the rankings for this upcoming NFL Draft Class. The top 30, no surprise, is loaded. 11 of the 30 were 5-stars and Bryce Hall, CB from UVA, was the only 2-star in the top 30.

In fact, using the CBStop-150 NFL Draft Rankings, 110 out of 150 were ranked in the Top-1,100 coming out of high school. Those 110 players had an average 247 Composite Rating of .917 (4-Star). 73 of the top-150 had a rating of greater than .88 (high 3-Star) and 19 were .98 or higher (5-Star).

You can marvel all you want at the number of two-stars and three-stars who make NFL rosters and start, but they come out of a much larger pot than do the four- and five-stars who succeed.  As a college coach, your odds for success are simply much better with a highly ranked recruit, which is a big reason why they pay Kirby Smart the big bucks.

Second, while a program having a high average rating isn’t a guarantee it’ll play for a national title, a program without a high average rating isn’t making the show in the first place.

So, where does Georgia fit in all that?  Glad you asked.

Screenshot_2020-02-02 DawgStats National Signing Day… before – Bulldawg Illustrated

None too shabby.  In other words, the Jimmies and Joes are already there.  The Xs and Os are in need of a little tweaking.  Better that than the opposite, methinks.


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Monkening see, Monkening do.

Too bad if you don’t have a subscription to The Athletic, because Emerson’s dropped a load of Dawg porn on us today ($$).

I mean, you can just directly insert this into my veins right now:

But for now, what’s striking is how many people without a clear stake in this seem excited about the match. All of the people quoted in this story were happy to return calls and talk about Monken, and they all described the same traits: honesty, likability, humor, intelligence. And an ability to adjust his offense to whatever was necessary to do well. He is not a system guy.

“He’s just a ball-coach guy,” Koetter said. “He’ll figure out what’s best for the talent they have, for how Kirby Smart wants them to play, how he wants them to play complementary football for what type of defense and special teams they are going to play. They won’t have a shortage of plays, I can assure you. …

“Todd is just a really good coach, period, no matter what system it is. But I think the fact that he has such a high level of experience and expertise in both, I think that’s where he’s really going to make an impact at Georgia.”

Hubba hubba.  There’s plenty more where that came from, too.


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