Monkening see, Monkening do.

Too bad if you don’t have a subscription to The Athletic, because Emerson’s dropped a load of Dawg porn on us today ($$).

I mean, you can just directly insert this into my veins right now:

But for now, what’s striking is how many people without a clear stake in this seem excited about the match. All of the people quoted in this story were happy to return calls and talk about Monken, and they all described the same traits: honesty, likability, humor, intelligence. And an ability to adjust his offense to whatever was necessary to do well. He is not a system guy.

“He’s just a ball-coach guy,” Koetter said. “He’ll figure out what’s best for the talent they have, for how Kirby Smart wants them to play, how he wants them to play complementary football for what type of defense and special teams they are going to play. They won’t have a shortage of plays, I can assure you. …

“Todd is just a really good coach, period, no matter what system it is. But I think the fact that he has such a high level of experience and expertise in both, I think that’s where he’s really going to make an impact at Georgia.”

Hubba hubba.  There’s plenty more where that came from, too.


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  1. Salty Dawg

    “I know for a fact there were various colleges and pro teams talking to him,” Koetter said. “I think, at least when I talked to him, he realizes that Georgia is not your run-of-the-mill college job. That’s one thing that just me being in Atlanta, the passion that the fans here have, and the quality of the high school football in the state. The fact that Georgia’s not just a really good football team but can win the whole thing, that could have had something to do with that.”

    Excuse me for a minute or two…


  2. Dawglicious

    Ever since the good Senator used the term “the Monkening”, this tune has been floating around my head:

    Here we come,
    Dawg walkin’ from Lumpkin St
    Play our favorite Dawg songs
    Before every team we beat

    Hey, hey, I’m the Monken
    People say I’m Monkenin’ around
    But I’m too busy scheming
    To run up the gut on first down

    Defenses won’t find me too friendly
    Puttin’ pressure on ‘em every day
    First downs and points generation
    Use our players not plays

    (Apologies to Davy Jones and the boys)

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  3. This will be the longest 8 months in the history of UGA football, damn I can’t wait!

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  4. Texas Dawg

    “an ability to adjust his offense to whatever was necessary to do well. He is not a system guy.”
    My favorite part of the whole thing!


  5. Lazy Grad

    My fear is that we will still see Kirby screaming into the headset (someone is on the other end of that tirade, amirite?) – Monken or no Monken. I hope Kirby can get out of his own way and let Monken do his thing. This is where hope is a dangerous thing? Someone tell me I’m wrong.

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    • Greg

      It’s football, people scream, they cuss ….they are use to it (players &coaches). You are “wrong”


    • CKS made the decision to replace a totally predictable and ineffective OC, in Coley, with a guy like Monken that can potentially change the entire dynamics of our offense.

      We will still run the ball because you have to in order to be successful, but Kirby seems to have made a defined and deliberate commitment to make this team’s vertical passing game more explosive.

      Ed Orgeron already had a mobile QB, but then he made the decision to cede control of LSU’s passing game to a 30 year old NFL assistant with exciting new passing game ideas, and won a NC for his effort.

      Kirby is a pretty sharp fellow, and I believe he will try to do the same thing… with the goal of achieving the same result.

      So instead of sounding like a distressed naysayer, you might consider a little less second-guessing when it comes to his intentions, and give the guy a little credit for being willing to step out of his comfort zone a bit, and make a real effort at trying to finally push this team over the top.

      Just a thought, brother.


  6. spur21

    You’re wrong – now are you all better.


  7. SlobberKnocker

    I read this article early this morning and came away even more excited about this transition and what appears to be the modernization of our offense. I honestly didn’t know much about Monken before his name started floating around a month or so ago. What I’ve learned since, including this article, has made me appreciate him and the success he has had in so many places and roles.

    The only thing it was missing was a quote from Chubb. I would really like to hear his thoughts.


  8. DawgByte

    Monken has HC tattooed to his forward, so the question for Kirby is how do we keep this guy for more than one year!


  9. Saltwater Dawg

    Had to throw away a sock. Holding on to the other one until after G-Day.


  10. Faltering Memory

    My wife and I are at that age where we had decided to give up our 131 seats for HD. We will now reconsider.


  11. practicaldawg

    The media has quickly dashed any hopes I had for tempered expectations going into the 2020 season


  12. duronimo

    I don’t think the most successful OCs are ideologues. Johnson at Tech, by way of contrast, was locked into a system that required player conformity. Playing as if you don’t have superior athletes, playing fearfully to mitigate what might happen, playing against the clock, playing to wear out the other team, are all ideoligies. Attack-minded OCs like Monken and Shannahan simply assess their athletes, then attack the other team with what they do best. It’s also what LSU did this year.


  13. tndawg

    I subscribed to the athletic just to read Seths articles. Been worth it!


  14. Macallanlover

    You folks drinking that rat poison, flavored Kool Aide with one offensive starter returning (yes, one returning starter!), will never make it to Labor Day weekend. And if you are counting on a spiffy, new offense being unveiled in April at G Day you haven’t been paying attention to how close to the vest Kirby holds his cards.

    With a solid defense keeping us in most every game early in the season until the offense begins to kick in, a stretch run could get us to Atlanta for the SECCG. It will be a tougher race this season, but we should be the best in the East again. (But the media will have FU favored, and that disrespect should be helpful.)