Background check

For those of you who care about such things, John McDaid, the SEC’s new Coordinator of Football Officials, does not have a Georgia Tech or Alabama education.


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  1. Is the league’s office still in Birmingham?

    I thought so … nothing changes.


  2. MillyDawg

    Referee? So he’s a Georgia Academy for the Blind alum?


    • Seth Emerson made a comment that he called the Georgia-Auburn SEC championship game as if you imply he was an unbiased on-field official. His crew made a number of calls on Auburn’s behalf in that game. In particular, a 3rd down DPI on Baker kept Auburn’s only scoring drive alive.


      • Don’t forget the phantom offensive pass interference on a TD pass to Godwin where Wims was called for OPI when the DB dragged him into two other Auburn players. Gary Danielson was all “you can’t do that Georgia” until he actually watched the play and then called it “a tough play” — his phrase for “the ref blew it.”

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      • In fairness, though, McDaid has been a quality official generally. Every ref misses calls — McDaid seemed to miss fewer.


  3. Salty Dawg

    So, the checks are still sent to the same place then?


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    So you’re saying the conspiracy against UGA is widening?!


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Why are we sharing a coordinator of officials with the Sun Belt Conference? I want our league personnel focusing on SEC issues.


  6. My weekly PSA: with the 7 trillion dollars the SEC revenue shared, there is easily enough money for the SEC to create a professional ref league. With training, accountability, structure, feedback, reports, all that stuff. Then these guys would be full time employees. Do insurance and all of it. SEC could lead the way.


  7. ASEF

    well, we already know that SEC officials will not make any egregious errors. They didn’t last year, no matter what your lying eyes may have seen on replay.

    It still blows me away that the overturn in the Clemson-Ohio State game was a collaboration of a head official on the field, a guy in a booth, and a 3 man team back in the league office. Blowing a call at real time sucks, but it happens. SEC replay was an abject disaster this season. But we don’t care. Conspiracy theories are more fun apparently.


  8. Mayor

    How nice!


    • Mayor

      All I want are officials who call an unbiased game. I haven’t seen that out of the SEC in years. Maybe this new guy will change things but don’t count on it.


  9. Macallanlover

    SEC officiating cannot get any worse than it has been for the past 25 years, just impossible. And what is with the complaints about the ohio/Clemson game? Game was simply blown by the loser with several missed opportunities, and lousy execution. There were missed calls both ways, but just typical SEC level officiating. Did not even compare to the 2nd half of UGA/Bama game by incompetent officials from the Big14. You had some 100-0 type blown calls in that game where everyone realized the calls were blown badly. At least every single call in the the Clemson win was at least debatable. Only ohio and SC fans really think that officials decided the outcome of the game, just the norm from what I saw. CFB really does need to get better officials, and ones that do the job as a professional, not part timers.


    • ASEF

      Since when do we only give a crap about officiating quality if it “determines the outcome of the game?”

      The overturn of the fumble TD was egregious. There was nothing in the replay that said the on field call was indisputably wrong – if anything, the replays supported the on field call. If that’s Georgia getting hosed on that call, you’d be hitting the roof and demanding investigations.

      By your logic, the B1G officiating was a non issue – Georgia had plenty of time to recover from it, and it’s not the officials’s fault Alabama outgained Georgia in the 4th quarter by 2 yards a play and ran twice as many of them. None of those calls happened in the 4th. Right?

      Come on, man – bad officiating is bad officiating. Not just when it hoses your team.

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      • Macallanlover

        You are so brain dead. I am more against bad officiating than you will ever be numb-nuts, and in all cases. You keyboard cowboys who run your mouths with zero knowledge of what you speak of should have to answer for your stupid remarks.

        I said there were more indisputable calls missed in the Georgia/Bama game in the 2nd half than others, especially the one that has all the SC and ohio homers running their mouths….and that is truth, like it or not. And you will never see me give a pass to Kirby for trying the run the clock out in the 4th quarter and allowing the game to stay close enough for those calls to make a difference. I also hold him accountable for not calling the TO before 2nd and 26 and resetting the defense to prevent exactly what happened. That was a screw up, especially given Parrish’s issues that night.

        Get your facts straight before popping off, it would help you not sound so stupid on so many of your comments. You don’t know what is happening currently in front of you, much less do you have a clue how I, someone you don’t know at all, would react in a hypothetical, future situation do you Nostradamus?


  10. tbia

    Its just semantics. Harvard is the Crimson…you don’t have to connect too many dots to see where this is going.