Pressure drop

Patrick Garbin takes a look at a stat.

A quarterback pressure (QBP), a statistic UGA began recording in 1998, is any pass play whereby an opposing signal-caller is, simply, pressured (i.e., hurried, hit, or sacked). In 2019, the Bulldogs totaled a staggering 248 quarterback pressures, or 17.71 per game, a program-high since the school started keeping track.

I guess we can call that the Lanning Effect.  I’m not exaggerating.

Notably, Georgia’s program-high for quarterback pressures last season promptly followed a record-low of only 4.93 QBPs in 2018. What’s more, in 15 seasons from 1998-2012, only once did the Bulldogs average less than 9.00 QBPs per game (8.27 in 1999). Yet, in the six seasons which followed entering 2019 (2013-2018), only once did Georgia average more than 9.00 QBPs per game (9.62 in 2014).

Graphically, it’s even more stunning.

Screenshot_2020-02-03 UGASports - Under Pressure

Pruitt and Smart didn’t emphasize quarterback pressures, in the latter’s case, at least not until now.

Check out Georgia’s defensive passer ratings from 2011 until now:

  • 2011:  98.74
  • 2012:  120.64
  • 2013:  134.74
  • 2014:  105.80
  • 2015:  104.98
  • 2016:  122.97
  • 2017:  113.41
  • 2018:  117.47
  • 2019:  111.41

There simply isn’t much correlation between quarterback pressure and defensive passer rating there.  The best number posted was from Grantham’s second season (hello, Jarvis Jones!), but the two lowest seasons after that came under Pruitt.  It’s too early to tell if 2019 is the start of a favorable trend, but at least we can see that more pressure didn’t cause Georgia’s pass defense to suffer.


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9 responses to “Pressure drop

  1. Uglydawg

    Wondering if some of the reason for the increase in pressures is the increase in opportunities. Everyone’s throwing the ball more.


    • That’s part of it but Kirby also said they were gonna put more effort into pressuring the QB and they definitely did a lot more blitzing from the secondary in 2019. Kirby loves his corner fire. For the most part, it was highly effective, too.

      The obvious passing situation package of Walker, Dean and Smith is going to play absolute hell on OLs and QBs.


  2. Atticus

    What is defined by “pressure”? If its hurried, hit or sacked then I call BS. You can’t possibly have the same QBR with much more pressure than less. No way.


    • trbodawg

      I guess it somewhat depends on the quarterback getting pressured. Joe Burrow was certainly pressured a lot in the SECCG, he still found ways to connect to his receivers/get first downs.


  3. WSS

    Def Coordinators
    ‘99 K. Ramsey
    ‘00 G. Gibbs
    ‘01-‘04 Van Gorder
    ‘05-‘09 Martinez
    ‘10-‘13 Grantham
    ‘14-‘15 Pruitt
    ‘16-‘18 Tucker
    ‘19 Lanning


  4. trbodawg

    Dang. Blog post title had me thinking we were getting at little Toots and the Maytals this AM.


  5. Ojulari, Smith, Dean and Walker are going to be unfair when we get teams into 3rd and long next season. Mix in some of Kirby’s corner fire as well.

    We lost a couple important guys but the 2020 D should be another great one. We’ll have to see how the safety replacement does.