Some more thoughts on McConkey

As I indicated in my post about Georgia’s offer to him, I really am intrigued by Ladd McConkey, who committed over the weekend.

Not just for what he may bring to the table (h/t Nick)

… but also for what it suggests about how the Dawgs have completely remade their wide receiving corps over the past two classes.

The Bulldogs now have 23 potential members for their 2020 signing class entering Wednesday’s traditional date. Georgia had 19 players sign in December’s early period, including six who chose to enroll early, and five of the 23 are receivers — McConkey, Marcus Rosemy of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Arian Smith of Lakeland, Florida, Jermaine Burton of Calabasas, California, and Justin Robinson from the Atlanta suburb of McDonough.

Georgia signed two of the nation’s top five receivers — George Pickens and Dominick Blaylock — in last year’s class, with Pickens capping his freshman season by earning Sugar Bowl MVP.

That’s an enormous talent infusion, but it also means Monken and staff have to figure out a way to make some of those young ‘uns contributors in a relatively short time frame, especially considering most of them aren’t early enrollees.

Most intriguing of all, though, to me, anyway, is how specific are the plans for McConkey.

“Georgia offered me to be a true slot guy,” McConkey said last week. “Guys that can win the one-on-one battle. I mean obviously they have guys who can win one-on-one matchups but really get in space there down in the slot and make people miss in real tight coverage.”

He’s the lowest rated recruit in the 2020 class.  He doesn’t fit the physical mold that Smart has favored at the position over several classes.  And yet I can’t help but wonder how much he’s expected to contribute this season by Monken, along with some of the other new kids on the block.  What do you guys think?


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43 responses to “Some more thoughts on McConkey

  1. JasonC

    I hope Tech, Florida and South Carolina sign several of those guys in green.


  2. Dawg1

    Impressive footwork and film for a 3 star.


  3. Granthams replacement

    I’m guessing seasoned SEC DBs will tie him up on the LOS at first (just like most of the 2019 UGA WRs). I really like the way Kirby attacks gaps, WR, OL, Coaches, offensive philosophy etc – all have specific changes/additions to close the gaps.


  4. SenorLorenzo

    When your ample depth is talented from top to bottom and then the cream rises to the top throughout practice, in theory at least you should have some pretty elite playmakers for Saturdays.


  5. sniffer

    Last night, I said a couple of times that I hoped Kirby was paying attention. Those passing routes on both sides were a thing of beauty. Tight ends were featured AND SF had multiple two back sets. Actually I hope Kirby and Monken watched together so Kirby could ask, “we can do that, right?”


  6. J-Dawg

    I like the moves this kid has. Now, to admit my ignorance of x & o’s once again, please tell me the difference between a slot receiver and a wide receiver. Thanks.


  7. Dawg in Austin

    Other than Smith, we don’t have slot WRs for the future so we doubled up in this class. You could argue we tripled up if you think Burton’s quickness could be used there too. (I do.) It doesn’t hurt that he’s in-state either, given our lack of interest/success in GA this year.


  8. Texas Dawg

    Brings to mind the small slot guys that the Patriots have utilized for years.

    Watching that film it appears there will be broken ankles and jock straps on the field for those trying to cover him. If he gets off the ball, without getting jammed he is going to create havoc for the other team.

    He makes number 23 in this class. A full class is 25? Assuming Jones and Van Pran are expected to sign, does this signal the end of the Evans drama?


    • He is 23 counting Jones and Van Pran.


    • 81Dog

      or even that little dude from UMass who had a huge day against our pretty strong D in 2018. Compact guys with great hands and good athletic skills arent necessarily easy to catch coming out of the slot.


      • Texas Dawg

        I still have nightmares about him


      • Macallanlover

        Yes, I imagine him being like Isabella from UMASS, Renfroe from Clemson, and a couple of those smaller receivers the Patriots have had over the years. I would say IMac from UGA but I am envisioning a receiver that would also be a possession receiver like the ones named above, and that is not how we used IMAC. Something about this guy tells me he will be able to get separation off the snap, something we haven’t done well against press coverage. If nothing else, it may split the attention of the DBs. Me likey, now go show out young lad.


  9. Does anyone know what DB he is going against in the video?


  10. The other Doug

    Is there any chance Ladd will be a preferred walk on or grey shirt?


  11. Mick Jagger

    I love everything about this kid – smart, great athlete, seems humble, etc.


  12. Mick Jagger

    Isn’t Kelee Ringo taller than McConkey?


  13. Reverend Whitewall

    Makes me think of those low ranked slot guys that Clemson has had over the last 5 or 6 years, like Hunter Renfrow. If he can produce anything even close to that, we’d be quite happy.

    Also, is it just me, or does his physical description (and I’m not just talking about race) sound a lot like Stetson Bennett? In other words, if Bennett can’t get on the field as a QB, and we’re looking for those smaller squirrelly types of receivers for the slot, I wonder if that will he looked at?


  14. Comin' Down The Track

    He looks like a nice addition, but Arian Smith of Lakeland, Florida is still the most intriguing guy for me if signing him means we have finally broken the Lakeland High School code.

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  15. He’ll be Monken’s Hardman. The kids has elite speed and agility. He’s a 3 star because he’s smaller and because he’s from NW Georgia, which isn’t as esteemed as it once was. I imagine he’ll be punt returner #1 rather quickly.


  16. duronimo

    Texas Dawg is drawing the right comparison in noting similar receivers in the NFL. They are 3rd down, possession specialist. Too twitchy & quick to block at the line, they have a knack of getting open in critical situations. He’s exactly what we didn’t have this past year.


  17. WHB209

    The Ladd McConkey film looks great. But there is a small problem. Any slot receiver will be expected to block, at least some, and he might get killed at 158 pounds. As a kick off or punt returner, he might get killed even quicker. You guys know I don’t really mean killed, but let’s say injured. I am not worried about the 4.58 time in the 40 because we have no idea how that was timed. If he was on grass at a GA practice field, the time would be fine. If he was indoors and on hard carpet the time might be a couple of steps slow. I saw in some article that Arian Smith was timed at 4.18 in the 40. I do not believe that. I have talked to Coach Haffner (many years ago) about this and he told me he had seen one true 4.3 second 40 yard dash and that was not Tony Dorset from Pitt. or any player from ND. It was Herschel Walker. He was timed on grass with coaches holding a stop watch and he also was timed electronically on carpet with the track team. When Coach Haffner tells me this 4.2 time is home cooking, I believed him. I am making too much about the 40 times. If you can run a 4.5 with quickness (the first 2 or 3 steps) a guy that runs a 4.3 is not going to catch you unless you have to go 80 or 90 yards. If we have to go that far then throw the ball to the Smith guy and watch his ass smoking down the field, even if not a true 4.18.