The Pirate gets his man.

There’s a new quarterback at Mississippi State.

From Palo Alto to Starkville should be one helluva culture change, but if Leach is getting the 2018 version of Costello, he’s gonna have a big piece in place for the Air Raid.

Costello earned second-team All-Pac-12 honors for Stanford in 2018, when he started all 13 games and passed for 3,540 yards, the second-highest single-season total in team history. He completed 65.1% of his passes with 29 touchdowns, and led the Pac-12 in both pass efficiency (155) and yards per attempt (8.57).

Leach has had a good run of taking transfer quarterbacks and making them into something special.  Will it work in the SEC?  Who knows?  Costello may even turn out to give Kyle Trask a run for his money.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE! Somebody is transferring from Stanford to Mississippi State? That’s just . . . weird.

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  2. MGW

    Aside from being in a rough neighborhood, I don’t understand the doubting of Leach. Someone please point to me to that time he was a head coach and didn’t succeed at turning chicken shit into chicken salad?


    • The chicken salad may have been good to those who were used to chicken $#!+. I’m not sold he’s going to be successful in Starkvegas because he’s in a different neighborhood where spending most of his time in the Keys as a pirate isn’t going to cut it. Being an SEC head football coach is a 24x7x365 job.

      Even Kirby says he doesn’t get to spend much time at their place on Oconee with it an hour from Athens due to the demands of the job.


    • Derek

      He can turn a bad team into a bowl eligible team. Where I differ with folks is the concept that he can win championships. He is like Jerry Glanville. If you want to go from 3-13 to 9-7, great. He can do that. Once you go from bad to mediocre, you need to change coaches because that’s as good as its ever going to get. Leach will not beat the really good teams on the schedule. Never has. Never will. He is entertaining at a presser.

      And if you like losing 67-63 at home to a bad team, blowing a 32 point lead in the second half, then Leach is your guy.

      I’m sorry but if you score 63 in a loss it better be a basketball game.

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    • Union Jack

      You are correct he is good at making a chicken salad but have you seen the other restaurants in the neighborhood and what they serve.

      What self respecting foodie is picking chicken salad over high quality cajun/creole? This is a division that tailgates with silver platters and candlebras while serving prime beef loin. There is some high quality que in the mix too.

      They may like a meal of chicken salad for awhile but eventually they will be salivating for what someone else has on their plate.


  3. duronimo

    That gives MS a good coach and a good QB. It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. However, it’s a long way from being “enough.” Top tier SEC teams go at least 2 deep in 4-5 star players at every position. Only QB I ever saw that could win without a cast of good complimentary players? Fran Tarkington. Look what he did for that terrible Giants team.


  4. AceDawg

    Leach’s offense is about yards, yards, and yards. Turnovers and other metrics be damned. Seems like Costello will do well on the field and that he’ll be able to manipulate the folks in Stark Vegas off the field like Joe Bowers in Idiocracy.


  5. StillSittinOnTheTracks

    The State Bulldogs have ONE Conference Championship that was in 1941……..again that was before WW2 1941……when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor 1941……… a Division in 1998 now that’s not what I’d call need of repeating consistently year after year. They do have 18 bowl appearances so expectations are tepid. Leach has a history of some note #1) being the excursion of SMU’s Craig James son to a shed #2) the highlight of which is never hearing from Craig James again. Although his school is the only one ever to be put on the death penalty was reason enough to never hear of again.
    As for as locations of Lubbock and Pullman makes StarkVegas look like the Keys. Perhaps the Pirate/lawyer might have enough tricks up his sleeves to pull off a few against the Sabians and Barns. If so more power to him.
    Aaaarrrrgggg Matey, Baton the hatches Media days ahead