Todd Monken isn’t talking to us.

But he is talking to recruits.

The chief reason behind his latest visit was necessary to get a good gauge of new Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

“Being able to sit down and watch film with coach [Todd] Monken was great,” Pryor said. “I got to see how he does things and see how things will look for UGA this year.”

He expanded on that “how things will look” topic.

“It is very good,” Pryor said. “It is professional. Like from talking to coach Monken, his offense is what football is turning in to be. Using the back in space. Using the back out of the backfield and also still handing the ball off. I like it a lot. I think it is great.”

Yeah, I know.  Talk is cheap, especially sales talk.  Still, what I’ve seen so far is that Monken’s pitch to recruits has been pretty consistent with regard to opening up the offense.  It’s just that the devil, as always, is in the details.  And we don’t get to see those for a while.


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7 responses to “Todd Monken isn’t talking to us.

  1. I keep telling myself that no way Monken takes the job if he believes Kirby is going to micromanage him … I then think about Kirby losing his mind on the headset the first time something goes wrong and his defense is defending a short field. Can September get here already?


    • It seemed to me that more of Kirby’s meltdowns were the result of an ineffective play call (anything short yardage?) that put the defense back on the field or cost points. I’ll admit the memory is a little hazy….


  2. duronimo

    “Getting the backs in space.” Dawg porn for real. We’re going to stop using our highly skilled backs as battering rams and give them space to display their bells and whistles. The fans have been way out front on this, too.


  3. CEPH

    What Kirby needs to do with Monken is let him also double as “head britches puller” this way they can stay in “touch” on every play call so there won’t be any disagreement!!!


  4. Austen Bannan

    The devil is indeed in the details, but this sure beats the old Paul Johnson sales pitch me thinks.