They’re gonna need a bigger support staff.

For you “it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that matters” aficionados out there, enjoy ($$).

Right after Tua Tagovailoa thanked Nick Saban and the rest of the Alabama coaches and training staff when announcing last month that he would skip his senior year for a shot at the NFL, the quarterback veered in a direction that says more about the path of college athletics than anything else mentioned in his 14 minutes at the podium on that Monday morning.

Tagovailoa thanked Josh Maxson, Alabama assistant athletic director for football communications, and “his crew for helping me build my brand here.”

And there’s more of that coming.

“You’re going to get to where (recruits) choose schools by where they can be best marketed,” DeSalvo said. “We’re going to position ourselves to be like, ‘Hey, we’ve been doing this for years.’”

Don’t these people know what’s important?


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  1. ugafidelis

    He had to be a brand. Because for all the razzle dazzle, flash and dash, and slinging it all over the yard… The only thing Tua really did of any consequence was 2nd and 26.

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    • ASEF

      And set NCAA records for efficiency.

      And average a touchdown every 7.9 attempts for his career, something no Heisman winner has ever accomplished in a single season.

      He was one of the 5 best QBs to ever play college football. I have no idea why people need to sneer at him. He was all class and a lot of fun to watch on the field.


      • ugafidelis

        No I get it. He was great, but I’m going to judge him by our sometimes self imposed standards. After the 2017 Natty, when he played games on the bigger scales, he wasn’t that great. I know he was banged up, a lot, but when he went against good defenses, he looked like just another good quarterback to me. YMMV


      • Greg

        “5 best to ever play college football”

        Boy, that is subjective. Agree on him being a class kid, or at least he seems to be. Hard to say without knowing him.

        Hope he can stay healthy…


  2. Greg

    Perfect song this morning…..your music exceeds the sports talk.


  3. jhorne2000

    Hilarious – you want to mock those of us who think it’s all about the name on the front ….

    — by using an example of a guy who is grateful for the brand value he received from the name on the front !!

    Pretty sure of two things :

    He doesn’t get such value by playing at Hawaii.

    Monetary value of this brand building far exceeded what ever salary might be available to him in an NFL type scenario where a portion of college revenues go to the players compensation.


  4. dawgxian

    It would appear that the school helped the athlete build his brand in this case and there are certain schools that do a better job of it than others. Also, I think it was the Von Misses Institute of all things that pointed out if it was not the front of the jersey that mattered, under performing schools like Tx would not take in what they do


  5. Mick Jagger

    Words I’m sick of:

    my “brand”

    “game changer”

    the coordinator “dialed up”

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  6. Of course! I’ve seen more than one positive comment about our recruiting photo ops. That’s obviously a small part but a part of the bigger picture of the experience now. They may not be getting paid but they’re definitely taken much better care of now vs just 10-15 years ago.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ve assumed bama had someone pushing players for Heisman, where they’ve arguably been more successful than anyone in history over the past decade. But this is whole other level.