“Constant movement, constant growth.”

So, we heard from Kirby yesterday, for the first time since he hired Todd Monken and watched James Coley leave for Texas A&M.  What we got was an obvious series of questions and a polite dodge.

Kirby Smart stood at the podium late Wednesday morning in the Georgia football team meeting room for a signing day press conference.

It was the first time he met with the media since since the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans so that meant that recruiting certainly wasn‘t the only topic to come up.

The Bulldogs coach was asked about new offensive coordinator Todd Monken and the philosophy change that may come with him. Monken’s offenses at Oklahoma State and in the NFL with Tampa Bay piled up the passing yards.

“I can’t honestly say that right now,” Smart said. “I think everyone wants to hear some grand speech of opening this up and doing that. That’s not necessarily what you need. What you need is to be productive, score points, and do the explosive plays which we’ve talked about consistently.”

Monken replaced James Coley as offensive coordinator after one season. Coley was moved to assistant head coach but left after four seasons on staff to be tight ends coach at Texas A&M.

When Smart was asked about how different the offense will look under Monken, he pointed to the remaining opening on his coaching staff.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” he said. “I think the roles on our 2020 staff still aren’t complete with our assistant coach spot open. I think that will develop out as we go along. Certainly excited, I know the kids are excited for the opportunity but we’ll have to see where that goes.”

That wasn’t the question I wish had been asked, unfortunately.  What I much would have rather heard was how much autonomy in the offensive design Smart intends to give Monken, in comparison to whatever restraints Coley was expected to operate within.

Yeah, we still probably wouldn’t have gotten a detailed answer, but I have a feeling the dodge would have been more informative.  Oh, well.



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10 responses to ““Constant movement, constant growth.”

  1. Cojones

    It would have been better if someone had asked the hanging question as to why the D players were not in NOLA. Some of us continue to want to know. Will it be a problem going forward as a team?


    • The Dawg abides

      We’ll probably never know about the seniors. On the underclassmen, I guess no news is good news right now. Of course I’m still waiting for that major scandal to break that Bigshit promised was coming at the time.


  2. Will (the other one)

    I guess the takeaway is that while we all assumed Faulkner took a pay cut in case Coley left and he’d get a full-time role instead of an analyst was at least partly incorrect.Wonder if there’s still some smoke to those Zac Robinson rumors (would be nice if he could bring in some of the Rams run-game and play-action concepts too).


  3. I’ve been hard on Kirby, even doubting his ability to change, but the he continues to change my mind. That is the EXACT response I was hoping for and would give myself.

    I’ve never doubted his intelligence but was concerned about him being too stubborn to do what might be necessary. It’s not just about his coaching philosophy, either. Seth Emerson had a great piece yesterday where Kirby talked about getting wiser with age and realizing he didn’t want to, nor did he need to, chase prospects who might not be a great fit for the coaches and players alike. He knows modern recruiting, coaching and Georgia. You have to have results but the man gets it.


  4. DawgByte

    Senator I agree with you that the wrong question was asked.

    I’m of the opinion you don’t hire a NFL OC and pay him $1.1M to deploy Chaney/Coley v1.2. That would represent the definition of insanity. I believe in the interview with Monken Kirby outlined his philosophy about the benefits of ground & pound and protecting his defense. However, I would hope that philosophical conversation began and ended there. It’s now up to Todd, Buster, Matt, Dell, Hartley and the new hire to look at Monken’s “Air Raid” style offense and see what fits best to Georgia’s personnel strengths and achieves the objectives of scoring more points, creating more explosive plays etc.


  5. Comin' Down The Track

    I think the fact that Jake basically did not have a back-up factored into the restraints on Coley more than we realize.

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    • Russ

      Yep. Exactly. If we can develop Newman, Mathis, Beck and the Mailman, I think we’ll be a little more open on what we’ll let the QB do next season.

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  6. UGA '97

    yep bout the same stuff Oregon said about Brady this time last year. He doesn’t need to tip and card hands to anyone.


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