Supply meets demand.

Visiting fans’ loss can be your gain, if you’re looking for Georgia season tickets.

Georgia is cutting back on visiting team allotments in Sanford Stadium and turning them into football season tickets

Donors on Friday were being notified via email of the change.

That means Auburn and Tennessee—the two highest profile opponents on the Bulldogs 2020 home schedule—will see their allotments decreased from 7,500 tickets to 6,000 after Georgia informed those schools of the changes.

South Carolina and Kentucky returned a significant number of tickets last year. Some nonconference opponents have had allotments as low as 1,000.

“It’s really handicapped us in what we can do with season ticket sales because we’ve got this variable number on the visiting allotment,” said Josh Brooks, Georgia senior deputy athletic director. “It will open up some more opportunities, a full package. This will allow us to create new season ticket inventory that we haven’t had before”

Georgia has sold four- or five-game mini-packages in recent years in the summer from tickets returned from visiting schools.

Now, Brooks said, there will be more of an opportunity not only for new season ticket holders but for students and faculty to have more access to tickets.

One small catch:  the new season tickets will be on the 600 level.  They’ll run you $75 a game (less than what they cost individually after last season’s returns) and a $275 donation per seat.  But at least you’ll have ’em just in time to join us in complaining about the mediocrity of the 2020 home schedule.


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2 responses to “Supply meets demand.

  1. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. If you ever wanted 50-yard line seats in Sanford Stadium, now is the time.


  2. J-Dawg

    When does “John Smith & Jane Doe” get the opportunity to buy tickets to one game without getting hosed on the secondary market? I remember when my son was a freshman in ’98 we walked up to the ticket counter in Butts-Mehre and got tickets to the Tech game that year. Try doing that these days.