“Graphics have never won a football game.”

Sure, it’s totally professional to spend a big chunk of your signing day presser yelling at kids who didn’t sign with your program to get off your lawn.  Bonus points for bitching about social media, too.

Before you ask, dude’s been at Delta State for seven seasons.  It’s also the seventh school he’s coached at.



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  1. RangerRuss

    Perhaps Coach Tooooooodd should simply tape a sign on the gym door reading FOOTBALL TRYOUTS SATURDAY 10 AM. Maybe that’ll satisfy his controlling temper and allow him to avoid social media.
    See how that works out, Sparky.


  2. Dawg1

    Damn, He really thought Zachary Evans was coming!


  3. I also loved the part about him talking about the people that worked for him and his team and how stupid it was that they had to be employed. Master motivator.


  4. ATL Dawg

    He’s both stupid and angry. That’s a dangerous combination.

    This doofus changed teams 6 times in a 13 year period. Now he wants more control over his unpaid labor. Do as he says, not as he did.

    And if he’s going to incorrectly rant about how a word isn’t a “real word”, maybe he shouldn’t use it 6 times in 30 seconds. What a moron.


  5. Twilb Dawg

    Seriously?? It is Delta State…so he had a few guys holding offers until they found something better than playing for this fool! Get over yourself dude!

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  6. When my wife graduated from college, she was offered a teaching position the next fall in a town an hour and a half away, making $28k. It was her only offer, so she accepted it. Two months later, she was offered a job half an hour away, making $36K. I’m sure Coach Cooley thinks she is a societal problem for accepting the better offer and “decommitting”.


  7. Texas Dawg

    It’s also the seventh school he’s coached at.
    If he fulfilled his contract or was let go and moved on, then no problem. If he quit mid contract, then he is no better than what he is accusing the kids of.

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  8. The Dawg abides

    Whether you approve of the current recruiting climate’s direction or not is beside the point. As a coach, you better realize you have to be totally on board and even ahead of the curve if you want to survive.
    There’s probably no other position than football coaches that hate having to deal with this stuff, but the good ones know you have to embrace it and hire creative people to do this stuff for them.


  9. Cynical Dawg

    College football coaches are nothing more than overpaid high school gym teachers, yet to a man they act like the love child of George S. Patton and Jimmy Swaggart. This one should be grateful ANYBODY comes to play football in Cleveland, MS.

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  10. It’s true, after spending 17 years in Mississippi, your really gotta want to be at Delta State


  11. 3rdandGrantham

    “Graphics have never won a football game.” Based on the Delta St. logo on the backdrop that looks like it was created via Clipart, I’d say they absolutely are putting their money where their mouths are. FWIW, I’ve actually been to Delta State – approx. 10 years ago – and let’s just say that if you could somehow take the opposite of UGA/Athens, Delta State/Cleveland, MS would be it. Brutally depressing, and I could not wait to get out of there.

    Anyway, ah yes, another coach who wants to have full control over the players, all while eating his cake and eating it too. And as someone said above, it’s freakin’ Delta State dude…just be thankful you got anyone to commit to go there.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I am glad you worded the “having your cake and eating it too” saying the way you did. I think it is a silly saying. What is the purpose of having cake if you can’t eat it? How can you eat it if you don’t have it?


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    I’ll pitch in 20 bucks if it helps get this guy’s resume to the Portal Master.

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  13. Leggo5

    Delta State used to be known as the Fighting Okra. Maybe the best college nickname in the country.

    I visited their IT Department a few times, years ago. Their IT Admin was also a volunteer firefighter. If any fires were called into 911, he would have had to leave our meeting immediately to handle the emergency. First one to the fire station would get to drive the rig to the fire. Always wanted to see a handful of Mustangs and Grand Prix racing through town to get to the fire station first.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      My memory of Delta State and the area when I was there for a day was that all the credit card machines were down in town, and thus everything was cash only. I remember everything being garbage fast food joints and I found a Subway on the outskirts of town, and the food looked rough. I also recall just how brutally poor the area was; I had recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica, and I honestly felt the roads and overall infrastructure in CR was about the same as Miss/the delta region. And remember that CR is a developing country.

      And there literally would be broken down cars sitting on the side of the road that looked abandoned for months…just crazy stuff that, compared to the rather posh and lush Charlottesville area where I lived, made me question if I was even in the same country.


  14. Gaskilldawg

    I wondered how many kids he gave “commitable” offers to. If it was more than 25 he is s hypocrite because if all the kids accepted and wanted to sign he would have to break his word to some kids. He did want the kids did; he reserved the right to decide to take s better kid


  15. Classic City Canine

    I’ll bet my bottom dollar that this guy would happily take a guy who de-committed (yes it’s a real word moron) from another school to come to Delta St. Being a whiny control freak and hypocrite, who throws his own staff under the bus is not exactly walking the walk about “being a man.”


  16. Doug

    “We’ve got some great guys, but first let me talk about the ones we didn’t get. Who I don’t really care about, because we didn’t want them anyway. Well, we did want them, but when they decommitted—which probably isn’t a real word by the way—we decided to retroactively not want them. So again, I don’t care about them, but when we meet up this season I hope we kick their asses.”

    I hope for his sake that he got a nice big testosterone rush out of standing up there and trying to be Billy Badass for two minutes, but I can’t imagine it made his signees feel good to know that their coach couldn’t even be bothered to talk them up until he’d gone off on a rant about the ones that got away. (Nor would I feel particularly gratified, were I a member of his support staff, to hear his backhanded “graphics don’t mean shit but thank y’all for making them anyway” comment.)


  17. DawgFaithful

    That’s why you’re at Delta State my dude. It’s the Johnson Doctrine part deux. The Cooley Addendum.


  18. DawgPhan

    Funny thing about college football is that if the guy had just won the championship everyone would be all in on “tellin it like it is” approach.

    Fans have never met a winning boot they wouldnt lick.


  19. In a few years, after he has rambled down the road like six times before, this poor place will be closer to Omega State.


  20. Go Dawgs!

    Does anyone have the Michigan State AD’s number? I am not saying that the Spartans should actually hire this idiot, but since they’ve got the only open job at a power school right now, I’d love to see what happens if Michigan State called this guy and asked for an interview to see just how committed he is to “being Delta State football.”


  21. Mayor

    Plus he’s the seventh son of a seventh son…..,


  22. Merk

    So according to this guys approach, he must stop recruiting after he gets 25 guys who accept his offer. Otherwise, he is not living he policy of doing what he says he is going to do, right?