In control

There’s one other interesting tidbit from that Dennis Dodd piece worth sharing:

Best team you never saw: Air Force, which was only of only 17 teams to win 11+ games. Why does coach Troy Calhoun come up for jobs so often? The Falcons finished No. 1 in SportsSource Analytics’ offensive control metric. Offensive control measures time of possession, first-down efficiency, third-down efficiency and percentage of drives resulting in touchdowns. Remember, we’re talking about Air Force (11-2 in 2019). Among the top 10 in that category, LSU was fifth and Ohio State was fourth. Air Force also finished first in fewest penalties per game, second in time of possession and third in pass efficiency.  [Emphasis added.]

I don’t know where Georgia finished in that metric, but will note that only in time of possession did Georgia finish ahead of LSU and OSU.  Ohio State was first in third down conversion percentage, LSU was fourth and Georgia was 50th.  LSU scored 95 touchdowns last season; Ohio State scored 88.  Georgia?  The Dawgs produced only 50.

If you’re a control kind of guy, something I think it’s fair to assume Mr. Manball is, then last season provided pretty good evidence there were better ways to skin the efficiency cat than Georgia’s offense managed.


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7 responses to “In control

  1. David K

    We scored 50 TD’s last season? That’s nearly 4 per game. Seems high


  2. Uglydawg

    Thank Goodness for that great defense. Had it been only slightly less we would be looking back at a pretty disappointing W-L record last year.


  3. duronimo

    Remember the days when SEC teams played 7-6, 3-0 & 13-7 games – back when Bobby Dodd, Wallace Butts and the gang punted on 3rd down? It was a fear based, playing “not to lose” style. While our offense this past year could be called modern, it nevertheless was rooted in those by-gone days. Recently Saban weighed in on that style of play to the effect that it’s playing as if you don’t have a roster full of superior players. Monken will bring an aggressive style. He’ll utilize all our talent if Kirby will allow it.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    So is the article about Air Force’s great season, Air Force not getting enough TV coverage, Air Forces’s coach should be getting offers, or top P5 offenses?

    To me it just shows a team like AF has to play near flawlessly to win 11 games. And I don’t see the day ever coming where we’ll be running up scores like tOSU. On the other hand, LSU was unlike any team that came before and needed a lot of those points to win.


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Adopted the little fightin’ Falcons since moving to the Springs. Watched them beat Bobo and Tucker! They ran the Triple O, had a big Ol QB and really effective fullback. They threw just enough and successfully (unlike the north ave trade school nats) to keep the D honest or convert big downs. Their drives would go for 70+ yards and eat 8+ minutes on the clock. D was undersized and slow in the backfield but tenacious. Watching games in person was fun, but what a difference from SEC football…maybe 15,000 in the stadium (I’m been to more crowded HS games in Texas) and their only cheer is “That’s another Air Force….FIRST DOWN!” where the crowd joins in. We’ve got our work cut out for us to show them how to tailgate, cheer, and involve the band during the game. Locals tell me Coach Calhoun has been working on this aspect as well. But so proud of all the military kids in uniform (Ft. Carson army folks show up too) having a good time. The pre-game military jet flyovers and parachutists is pretty cool too. Sadly they were a very senior group and prospects look more dim for this year…we’ll see.

    Goooo Falcons! Peck ’em!….?? Ehhh…needs work.


  6. SittinontheTracks

    There is still a use for the FB’s. Even though one who breathes a Manball chooses not to have “one” on scholarship. Seems as though the Dawgs are 6 deep at DE positions. I guess that’s covering your ass theory for I ain’t gonna be there 3 years.