“It’s very real.”

Oh, boy.

Name, image and likeness supporters may have a potential new advocate: the Trump administration. A White House spokesman told CBS Sports this week the Trump administration is evaluating whether “it would be appropriate for the federal government to become involved with policy solutions” regarding the fair treatment of college athletes.

CBS Sports sought comment from the administration after two sources said there had been at least one meeting between the Trump White House and individuals involved in developing name, image and likeness rights for athletes.

“The White House wants to make sure NCAA student-athletes are treated fairly without harming the integrity of college sports,” said Judd Deere, White House deputy press secretary, when asked about that meeting.

I have literally no idea where this is going, and given that “(a)dministration officials are in the process of learning about these issues”, there’s even more reason to expect a crap shoot.

Were I Mark Emmert, I would just remind Trump it’s another opportunity to stick it to California.  That might be enough.



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  1. What could possibly go wrong…?

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  2. mwo

    Trump certainly helped Herschel Walker get paid. Can Herschel still use that last year of eligibility?

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Welp, no one in the world has a greater appreciation of the value of NIL than Trump. And his buddy Mark Meadows certainly has shown support. But still, sticking it to California is tempting….

    He’s going to have to change his mind a couple of times before we know, and even then, I don’t think he can create an EO for something like this.


    • Alkaline

      Enforcement authority on federal education regulations lies with the bureaucracy (of which Trump is nominally in charge). I suspect he could craft an EO on the matter that would make the NCAA & ADs scramble somehow.
      I keep thinking Congress is going to act to reclaim the regulatory authority that they’ve ceded to the executive bureaucracy in past decades, but so far they seem content to just complain about it and pass non-binding resolutions.

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  4. Jim

    God forbid trump do something to help the ncaa athlete. This blog might implode

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    • More power to him if he does, but you don’t mind if I retain a healthy skepticism in the meantime, do you?


    • George Jones

      No doubt, TDS is a real thing. If Trump cured cancer they would want to impeach him for putting undertakers out of work. I try to ignore that mess and in relation to the article I hope they do come up with something decent to address this issue, whether it comes from Trump’s administration or from somewhere else. That’s less important than fixing the problem

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  5. Faulkner

    I can imagine a scenario where they actually propose some meaningful legislation on this issue and the house shoots it down because it came from the administration. This is an election year winner if they do it right and not F it up.


  6. ASEF

    Romney made a big point about this NIL thing a month ago, and then Romney made a point about Trump earlier this week. Now the WH wants lead on NIL?

    So I would expect this is about sticking it to Romney in whatever weird petty punitive calculus drives WH policy these days.

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  7. duronimo

    College athletes don’t need anyone’s help. They get a free education, in the major of their choice. Ask any parent who is paying the freight for their kid what that’s worth. Then the school advocates on their behalf to the NFL where fame and fortune awaits. No one is being deprived. This is lawyer (legislator) driven. It’s creating a brand new pie to split off the talent and labors of other people.

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    • Alkaline

      “They get a free education, in the major of their choice.”

      Have you been reading the blog long? Cause that’s been debated ad nauseum over the years.


    • Give me a break, and, yes, I’m currently paying for my 2nd child to attend the University of Georgia.

      You, sir, apparently don’t know what the NIL debate is about. It’s about whether Todd Gurley can go sign autographs and get paid for them if he likes. It’s about whether Katie Ledecky can swim for Stanford and endorse products based on her personal fame not anything Stanford University did for her. It’s about whether Tiger Woods could have signed an equipment deal with Titleist while he was playing with their equipment at Stanford.

      None of this will cost the universities one dime. If the universities continue to act like cartels, they should be punished like cartels or change their stance on amateurism.


    • CB

      Got a first timer over here.

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  8. Good on the President to be part of the solution … hopefully, everyone can come together to get this done in a way that’s fair to all involved.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    Regardless of party affiliation this is horrible news, name one program am in the last 25 years the government has got involved with that they made better.

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    • DawgPhan

      I know this is a common refrain, but the really every interaction I have with typical government offices is pretty great.

      My kid attends a public school, I drive on public roads, fire departments are pretty swell. My mother and grand mother receive social security benefits.

      I like that I can trust that most of the food I buy is safe to eat. The liquor is safe to drink.

      All things that the government got involved with and improved.

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      • Cousin Eddie

        and of those which one was started in the last 25 years?

        Government used to do good for the people, now they do good for the people in Government.

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  10. SittinontheTracks

    #1) could we actually have student athletes. What happened to Prop 48, schools could take only so many at risk athletic students which were not eligible on scholarship till their worked proved they could survive.
    #2) How many scollies are government paid for of foreign exchange students that gives the state universities monies that we pay for. Ever been on Duke’s campus. Call me racist, call me chauvinist. How many American Ladies are in the Top 50 on the LPGA Tour. Look at Augusta State, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, etc. How many PGA players attended our universities that are English, Scottish, German and French nationality’s.
    #3) cost of the Hope Scholarship is not free. Room, meals, etc. are still to be paid as much as $12.000-$18,000 plus transportation and clothing from Mom and Dad.
    #4) Even our own government chose not to train foreign pilots, military personnel etc. on our own bases because of senseless acts. At a cost of lives of Americans and your tax dollars.
    At what point did winning a game become more important than integrity. No one should be denied a education, no one. It should be earned When I read that Joe Burrows, Justin Fields never have to leave their facilities and attend class in a brick and mortar class where every other student bikes, buses or walks a mile to class Who sees they actually do the work. Institutions like UCF with over 50,000 students strong was a basic commuter school. Their football office was a trailer. Our institutions are money grubbing facsimiles of what should be right. Bigger and better. With 64% of college graduates not finding jobs in their academic fields. Here is to the Academy’s and especially Air Force with a 11-2 record and only 15,000 attending their games. It’s past time that our universities use athletic events to run a business rather than a education. It’s to far gone as I assume you think of my commentary. Old am I but their once was a time that there were not talking heads in suits but pregames were actually used to interview both offenses and defenses giving their name, hometown, year in school and their major.

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    • RangerRuss

      Sir, this is an Arby’s.

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    • What does anything you write (some of which I totally agree with … especially about players who take all of their classes online) have to do with the topic at hand, the ability to trade on your NIL? Did you think back in the good old days football players were studying rocket science and brain surgery (ever heard of Jan Kemp)?

      Big-time college football and basketball have never been about students who happen to be athletes. It has always been about athletic ability first and do whatever it takes to keep them academically eligible second.

      On your question about golf scholarships and an influx of foreign players to US universities, guess what? None of them are on full scholarship. They are still paying a pretty penny to study and play in the US to prepare themselves for a potential run at the PGA or LPGA Tour.

      Romanticism is great until you realize your bubble has burst and you can’t put it back together.

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