Phil Fulmer is easily impressed.

Exaggerate much?

Here’s a reminder of Tennessee’s epic 2019 journey:

Screenshot_2020-02-07 2019 Tennessee Volunteers Schedule ESPN

The Vols didn’t finish within three touchdowns of a ranked opponent and enjoyed their typical November, capped off by a one-point bowl win over a mediocre Big Ten team.

I dunno, Phil.  I know you want everyone to pat your back for hiring Pruitt, but it looks like a lot of UT seasons we’ve seen in the last decade.  Except for the opening two losses, that is.



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11 responses to “Phil Fulmer is easily impressed.

  1. ASEF

    The off-season glow of a winning streak, no matter how easily earned, is a terrible thing to waste.

    When is Phil going to run for Senate in Tennessee? He’s a master of setting and clearing low bars.

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  2. Mick Jagger

    If Clemson can fee good about beating the teams on its schedule, so can UT, I guess.

    And 3 of those wins were very close to being Ls.


  3. Butler Reynolds

    Even so, who would have predicted that UT would have ended up 8-5?


    • Mayor

      Another way of looking at it: If UT had won those 2 games at the beginning of the season (and they should have) the Vols would have been 10-3 with their only losses being to Top 10 teams Georgia, Florida and Alabama.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    As mentioned yesterday, never mind the results against ranked opponents, which was horrid. UT beat exactly one P5 team with a winning record, which was Indiana by a point in a very ugly bowl game. Also, their wins vs. UK and Mizzou were in the balance till the very end and easily could have swung the other way (they won both games by 4 points each).

    But hey, when you’ve had a losing SEC record this century, I guess you have to grasp at any straws you can get your hands on.


  5. Russ

    Meh, let them have it. It’s their last happy November for a while.


  6. The Dawg abides

    When the most impressive thing on that record is hanging on for close wins at very average UK and Mizzou, you just weren’t very good. Basically they were the best mediocre team in the league.


  7. duronimo

    It’s good by the standards they have set. Like the Truman Show, it’s the world they live in. Fulmer is doing his job …. serving the faithful their coolaide.

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  8. Go Dawgs!

    I live in Dalton and hate Tennessee because of all the damn orange people that live up here close to the border. Screw Tennessee.

    That said, I’ll give Pruitt credit. The Vols played Georgia tougher than I was expecting, though the second half and final score don’t necessarily show it. And if Jarrett Guarantano doesn’t pull one of the all-time biggest bonehead moves on the goal line against Alabama I’m not sure how that one works out. It was certainly going to be a closer game, but the Vols just couldn’t get back up after that momentum crusher (and who can blame them, really). Tennessee still wasn’t a great team at the end, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that they got better as the year went on in addition to cruising into an easier segment of the schedule.


  9. Harold Miller

    I will just say this, “crush the Vols… see them driven before us… hear the lamentation of their fans….”