That playing field’s getting more level every year.

Quite the graphic here:

Georgia is within a whisker of catching Alabama, recruiting-wise, and will probably do so once the 2015 results drop off.  The reason I say that is because the 2020 class still ranks above the trend line, meaning it was better than the five-year average.

I’d say Kirby’s accomplished Job Two, which is eliminating the talent gap at Georgia.  On to Job One.


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  1. It’s early for Kool- Aid, especially with all the new faces, but I can’t help being excited. Someone mentioned it the other day, as a Bulldog fan through the 90’s rolling the East and having plush digs in our rivals heads is a great feeling. I’m certainly not a Natty or bust guy, but if Kirby keeps up the recruiting and what appears to be evolving as a coach? I think it happens sooner than later.

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    I clicked the link to 247 on a previous post and was that of 247’s ranking of the top 25 rated UGA recruits for which it had data. Eight will be on our 2020 team. That is one third of our top rated recruits in the 247 all time database on this team.


  3. Dawg1

    Job one. Killing the “Georgia way.”

    If Dabo can destroy “Clemsoning”, we can do it too.


  4. Sports Fan

    That UGA vs. Bama game this year is going to be lit as fuck. The only two teams to average a 300 point class 2015-2019 AND get a 300 point class this year.


  5. josh hancher

    I’m chasing similar stats. I’ve gotten through the 2012 Recruiting Class and averaged the roster based on the rated players average 24y composite score.

    One thing jumped out. UGA roster average jumped from .910 in 2016 to .923 in 2017. That’s huge. Stay Tuned as I dig in more.

    Follow me @Dawgs_Stats. I’ll be letting the Senator know. But hope to throw up some more UGA centric stuff this weekend


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Southern Cal, baby, what is you doin’?!