Today, in litigation

Boise State 1, Mountain West 0.

The Mountain West Board of Directors has quietly voted to rescind a decision that would end Boise State’s additional slice of revenue from the conference’s TV contract, several sources told the Union-Tribune.

In exchange, Boise State will drop a legal complaint filed last month against the conference and agree to terms of the new TV contract that begins this summer.

Essentially, the two sides are back to square one.

Nice try, small fry.



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8 responses to “Today, in litigation

  1. Cynical Dawg

    There are only 30 college football programs in FBS that can seriously compete for the national championship AND at least break even financially at the same time. Why do these idiot colleges like Georgia State, Ga. Southern, and Kennesaw State spend millions of dollars to have an FBS football program that will NEVER, EVER, EVER reach parity with Georgia? App State went 13-1 and got an invite to the RL Carrier Bowl that paid out $825,000! They could have played a crash dummy game against UGA and made more money! I feel sorry for the poor students who have to subsidize this lunacy. Boise State and App State are responsible for inspiring all this mid major lunacy.


    • Those smaller profile schools you mention instituted FBS football as a recruiting tool for the student body at-large.


      • Particularly for GA State – if you haven’t been around old Turner, go check it out. It’s the new hub for a school which had no hub. New apartments for students directly across street from stadium. New commercial stretch of stores (including a microbrewery and a coffee shop) right by stadium. More development under way over there. Future school baseball stadium will go in old Fulton stadium footprint.

        GA State needed a football program to give the school an identity beyond a commuter school, and it is well on the way to having a real campus centered around its football stadium.

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        • W Cobb Dawg

          Still losing money though. And GSU had shitloads of students long, long before football or dorms. If you ask me they are financing all the expansion on the backs of kids, many of whom have no say and are underprivileged to begin with. At least UGA has deep pocketed boosters to foot a lot of costs.


    • Macallanlover

      Uh, you left georgia tech off that list of pretenders.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Split FBS in half, Hope a few drop down to FCS, and run a secondary 4 team Championship using the current Bowl system. More fun for everybody.


  3. duronino

    No, it’s not back to square one for everyone. You forgot the lawyers .. winners either way.


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    I am still wondering about the total of 30 FBS that has a chance at the national Championship Game. I am thinking I could count all my fingers and a few toes and cipher out there is only 12-15 geese that can lay a golden egg. The rest are exactly draining parents for student athletic fees for PR for schools that may produce a decent education but at exorbitant prices that drain parents savings and leave students in debt till they in their 50’s unless ya’ll vote for Bernie.