Quality returns

If yesterday’s post about Bill Connelly’s returning production whets your appetite about what Georgia’s got in the can coming back, here’s Kipp Adams’ run through of Georgia’s ten players who started seven or more games in 2019 for the red and black.  (Newman and McKitty did so at other schools last season.)

Of those ten, only two are offensive starters, both linemen.  Meanwhile, the defense has returning starters at every level, including four in the defensive backfield.  Yowza!


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8 responses to “Quality returns

  1. Greg

    Katie Turner hired for recruiting staff:


    “Defense wins games”


  2. Bulldog Joe

    If there was ever a time to change Georgia’s offensive philosophy, this is it.


  3. Russ

    I understand looking at starts, but given our depth and the way we substituted, I wonder if minutes per game or percentage of snaps (or similar) would be a better representation? I expect some learning curve on offense due to the new combinations, but many of those guys played significant minutes. No worries at all on the defensive side.


  4. Mayor

    I expect the 2020 D to be just about as good if not better than the 2019 D. I also expect a big improvement on O due to Monken schemes and playcalling. Hold onto your seats Georgia fans! This team is going to take off like a rocket!!


    • Mayor

      Let me add that I hate it that Jake Fromm won’t be around for next season. The problems on O were coach-driven and Jake caught the brunt of the blame. He’s got a chance at a pro career and a lot of money—I get that. But I honestly believe that next year could have been a year for Jake Fromm similar to what 2019 was for Joe Burrow.


      • WIll (the other one)

        I’ve thought so too, but there are couple key differences.
        1. 2018 junior year Joe Burrow had no chance to go pro beyond the undrafted free agent route most likely. No one thought he was even a 3rd or 4th round pick. Fromm, disappointing junior year numbers aside, started the year with potential draft buzz, and even repeated games under 50% completion didn’t kill that off totally.
        2. It’s getting paid to learn a new offense vs not getting paid to learn but the hope is you get a title and jump back into the first round.


  5. Texas Dawg

    I would much rather take my chances with UGA’s bench that has limited playing time than with GT’s entire returning production.


  6. duronimo

    The prognostication value of these statistics is not as relatable to UGA as to schools. Unlike most teams, there’s little to no drop off (as the Baylor game showed) when we replace players. We’ll be better this coming year.