Another depth chart post

Jake Rowe takes a first stab at a post-signing day depth chart for the offense.  I wouldn’t say there are any huge surprises there.  Just a few bullet point observations:

  • Newman and McKitty are penciled in as the starters at their respective positions.  If they don’t make it so by the time September rolls around, I hope it’s because the roster is really that deep at QB and TE.
  • Georgia is incredibly young at left tackle.  Of the five names listed, only Condon isn’t a freshman or redshirt freshman.
  • As far as the o-line goes, generally speaking, it sure looks like there will be a huge game of musical chairs going on to sort out the two-deep — more particularly, who will be playing where.
  • It’s pretty obvious some of the incoming wideouts in this class are going to make the two-deep.
  • In terms of an established hierarchy, running back is probably the most stable position group.


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29 responses to “Another depth chart post

  1. dawgtired

    I hope the youth in the LT position doesn’t prove to be the chink in the armor early on…


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Cook not listed on the 4-deep At RB.



  3. Bulldog Joe

    We have a lot riding on Blaylock’s recovery.


  4. LT definitely worries me but Andrew Thomas stepped in like he’d always been there. I don’t really expect another AT but hopefully one of these guys will separate themselves, even if it’s Jones. Luke has always liked the athletic guys and Jones definitely fits the bill. I am surprised we haven’t seen Truss more but maybe he’ll make a play.

    Also, I kinda wish one of these two elite centers we’ve gotten over the last two seasons would take that job and we could maybe move Hill back to guard. Hill still had snap issues this past season. I guess much of it depends on Webb’s off the field issues and how van Pran works out.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    We are certainly loaded at guard and center. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see an all-out competition to fill the LT spot. Though I think Truss or Condon might be good enough for the job. I can even see Hill moving to G or T, with Webb or Ericson becoming the starting center.

    Overall there’s still plenty of talent. Gonna need some position coaches to up their game from 2019.


  6. Will (the other one)

    I disagree a little about the “Cook needs to add weight” part. Play to his strengths with outside runs and pass-catching, don’t send him up the middle, and he’ll excel.


  7. Supposed to have been the year of Cade Mays. I hope we knock him into the goal posts. Over the fence. Into the parking lot. I don’t care if it meant missing a tackle on an RB. I want him to receive and become a message.

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  8. Russ

    If Newman isn’t starting at QB I hope it’s because Mathis or Beck caught fire and took the job from him.

    As for OL, we have enough talent. I hope they can settle on groupings early and let the guys get reps at one spot so they can grow/gel as a unit. “Better” is the enemy of “good enough” on the OL. Pick something and go with it.


  9. WNCDawg

    Coach Like will definitely earn his checks this spring, summer and fall.