Recycling in the SEC East

A door in Columbia may close on some former Georgia coaches, but another opens.

Tracy Rocker won’t return to Tennessee, but will stay in the SEC East.

The veteran defensive line coach is expected to take the same role on the staff at South Carolina, sources told GoVols247 on Monday morning.

The piece goes on to note that UT’s lost three position coaches recently.  It’s getting harder to tell the 2020 staffs without a scorecard these days.


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16 responses to “Recycling in the SEC East

  1. practicaldawg

    SC has become the XFL for past UGA coaches

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  2. Mayor

    Tracy Rocker is an excellent DL coach as well as an excellent recruiter. He basically single-handedly turned Nick Failr from an average DL to a first rounder in one season. (Fairly personally being a scumbag is a separate issue). And the Georgia DL was good while Rocker was in Athens. I think Rocker must have difficulty getting along with other members of his own staff though.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Why in the world would Rocker jump onto that sinking ship in Columbia? Are they really going to give him enough money to make that worth it in a lateral move? I guess Pruit is still just as miserable an SOB to work for/with as he was in Athens.

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  4. Debby Balcer

    I saw yesterday the BMac was headed to the Steelers. Any truth to that.


  5. Al

    Tracy Rocker is gonna make it his goal to coach at every SEC program.


  6. DugLite

    Rocker is just going to pick his own leaf.


  7. This conference really recycles coaches.


  8. WNCDawg

    Ya’ll got show love for Trooper Tailor, he’s got a cell phone on his ear 24/7/365