Deep depth

If you want to know what returning defensive production looks like, check out Jake Rowe’s current projection of a depth chart for 2020.

That, friends, is one stacked deck.  Do you see any freshmen lined up to get much playing time on that side of the ball this season?  Maybe the two Jalens, but it’s hard to see significant amounts for the others.


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13 responses to “Deep depth

  1. dawgtired

    Man oh man, that is some lineup. I love these informative articles. A couple of those names would have been higher up the list if not for injuries.
    If our offense shows any life at all, we can expect to be in the mix. This will be a very long off season.


  2. Russ

    Hubba hubba! Kirby has built a machine on defense. Can’t wait to see them play.


  3. Jack Burton

    Sherman is an ILB


  4. ETDF

    Ringo will start by seasons end.

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    • You think he’s beating out Stokes? Bold.


    • Russ

      Not sure about starting, but he’ll obviously get plenty of playing time. “Starting” doesn’t mean a whole lot with this defense. There’s so much talent and Kirby’s going to play everyone that can contribute. I imagine next season will be much like the last one with basically 22 “starters” on defense, given the amount of time they will all play.

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      • Macallanlover

        And that is a key point, with Kirby’s rotational plan, the word “starting” doesn’t carry the same weight when evaluating experience and returning production. Even on offense, the play call and formation can determine who is on the field for the first snap, not necessarily the best player, or the one who carries the biggest load.

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    • Possibly over Campbell/Daniel. Over Stokes? He will be a Thorpe Award candidate next season.

      There’s a lot of rotation in the defense except in the secondary. Even if you have depth, the starters play a lot because offenses will pick on your weakest link.

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  5. Imo, we need to hit DL hard for 2021. And LBs

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  6. practicaldawg

    The depth and experience of the defense will give us an opportunity in Tuscaloosa. Not sure I’ve ever seen this combination of talent, experience, depth, and also coaching stability on the defensive side of the ball.


  7. BMan

    That’s as stout a defense as I’ve ever seen at UGA. The size and speed is incredible. It’s huge to have Monty Rice and Richard LeCounte coming back. LeCounte looks like he’s one of Kirby’s personal favorites. He rode him hard in his first two years, likely because he saw the full potential. Don’t know what he will do at the next level, but he’s probably got a coaching career in front of him somewhere down the road.


  8. Having showered since reading that porn piece, don’t know much about the nickel, the dime or quarter….the one monetary word that hit me was “money”….with a high mix of seniors/juniors and redshirts (as 1’s), that D looks like “money” and “money” in the cent$ that the 2’s give breathers with not much of a drop off (talent wise) and the opposition’s o is still concerned about what is coming

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  9. duronimo

    All the tools are in the took box for the use of a smart coach. With Monken as our chief mechanic, we’ll stop playing the clock to keep the other team off the field, as if our talent is deficient?

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