Broke as hayull

Y’all keep telling me there’s not enough money to go around, but here’s UCF making Randy Shannon the first $1 million Group of Five assistant coach.

Meanwhile in Lansing, Mel Tucker hasn’t had time to unpack his bags, but he’s already putting that big ol’ checkbook Michigan State gave him to work.

Marrow is the guy who makes Mark Stoops’ recruiting go.  Of course UK will match.  It’s not like the ‘Cats can’t afford it.

And so it goes.


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  1. Tony Barnfart

    In the most recent data available, UCF’s revenue consisted of $23.1M ! in student fees and $5.2M from the school. They got $5.6M from ticket sales and $8.2M from contributions.

    The most egregious thing going in college athletics are these schools who are hell-bent on having top level football even though 46% of their revenue is basically welfare exploited off the backs of those the institution is designed to serve. If government is going to stick their nose in anything, it should start with the public universities in the Group of 5 participating in this charade.

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  2. BigD

    Just don’t let him raid our staff!


    • Macallanlover

      Only unhappy guys would leave Athens to go to Michigan, it isn’t like Kirby can’t match the money, and Mel took the ones he wanted, or could get, last time around in Boulder.

      Can’t blame Mel for this decision, more than double the money and close to home, parents, and other family. Extra $3MM for years can be lifetime changing money for his kids, and the opportunity could go away entirely if he doesn’t take it while it is offered to him no. Bird in the hand…..

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  3. practicaldawg

    Women’s basketball head coaches make 7-figure salaries at many top schools even though those programs don’t even come close to breaking even on their own. Should their pay be drastically cut to sync it with the economics of their sport at the same time football players are paid? If everyone in college athletics (coaches, players, support staff) is paid their true value, college athletics would collapse to a few major football and men’s basketball programs in the country.

    Not saying the status quo is fair to college players. But I am saying the other side of the free market argument can be even darker. Hell, the WNBA is a “pro” organization and even it concentrates most of its pay at the coaching level. WNBA players basically play for free. So there’s not always evidence that the free market makes everyone happy.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    It wasn’t that long ago at all where head coaches at major programs were making high 6 figures. If I recall, Donnan’s contract at UGA paid him 600K annually. Adjusted for inflation in today’s dollars (’00 vs ’20), that equals to 875K. Yet, instead head coaches are paid 10x that 875k amount, with top coordinators now making several million annually and position coaches making high 6 figures.

    As a point of reference and speaking of UK, Mike Leach made 80K yearly as the OC at UK back in the late 90’s, as referenced in his book and during his interview with Clay Travis a few months back, with Hal Mumme’s salary being less than 400K. Crazy. It’s funny, when I watch old UGA games from when I was at UGA in the mid/late 90’s, I almost feel like I’m watching some old classic movie from the 40’s in a sense, with those times seeming far more innocent and simple compared to today.

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  5. Down Island Way

    Don’t know the roster Coach Tucker will inherit, probably on the D side ok….should Coach take some serious beatings from tosu, mich, pedi st, wis and minn his stay with sparty may be limited 2-3 years tops…Boulder was one thing, big 14 (?) is quite another adventure, i’d say good luck, but Coach Tucker gonna need more than that


  6. Debby Balcer

    Is he bringing any other staff with him? Didn’t we lose an assistant to him when he left?


  7. Tony Barnfart

    If you carved out 5% of revenue for 85 scholarship players, put that into a conservative investment portfolio assuming 5% annual returns, after accounting for cap gains taxes at a rate of 15%, a 4 year player could leave with a nest egg just shy of $600,000, given Georgia’s revenue. Make them (and probably everyone) take plenty of required survey courses on financial prudence and pitfalls. Gift of a lifetime right there.


  8. Longtime listener

    Anybody else notice slick Willie Martinez on the position coach list making a cool 326K?!?!