I’ll show you enabled and entitled.

Coach clucking.

Coach fucking.

Can one of you “kids these days” blamers explain the difference to me?  I mean, they’ve gotta learn the behavior from somebody, amirite?


UPDATE:  Dan Wolken has this right.

Though the optics of Tucker’s sudden change of heart are awkward at best, it would be silly to criticize him for being disloyal. As one coach who recently got a mind-blowing contract told me, you might only have real leverage in these situations a few times in your life so you better take advantage. As Michigan State’s search for Mark Dantonio’s replacement became increasingly desperate, Tucker had it and used it. Good for him.

Not sure why that should be any different for college athletes, but, then again, I’m not a head coach.


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13 responses to “I’ll show you enabled and entitled.

  1. mwo

    Anyone heard Mel Tucker is taking the job at Michigan State? I might finally like an integer school.


  2. dawgtired

    Honestly, I’m not sure they even recognize their hypocrisy. And, if it were ever revealed to them, I doubt anything would change.


  3. Doug

    Like Randy Edsall wouldn’t pluck a five-star player right out of a Supermax prison if he had the chance. That UConn program has turned into a dumpster fire inside a tire fire.


  4. Difference being , one coach averaging 2 wins a year (last 4 seasons) knows damn good and well the transport portal ain’t headed to uconn any time soon, so say something that the recruits want to hear….other coach feeling the HOT seat for potential allegations transported his ass faster than he is entitled….when these coaches win 9-10 games a season or beat rival team one or 4 years consecutively the entitlement level rises (M.C.Hammer zone) then the university ad gets all jittery and throws a new contract/extension at them….ol’ coach feels like “can’t touch this”…..


  5. willypmd

    Boomers gonna boom?


  6. WH

    Let’s wait 10-15 years until the coaching ranks start to turn over to guys who are playing now. If the entitled coaches think the players are entitled now, how entitled will those same players be as coaches?


  7. Dawg in Austin

    How many canaries in the coal mine does the PAC-12 need to dump their commissioner? What an embarrassment. Good on Tucker, get your bag if someone is willing to overpay you. Who knows how beat up each person is about leaving kids and coaches in their wake each time, but that’s a life changing contract. Same for Pittman. Disappointing for the kids and coaching staff for sure, but most people understand when things like this happen.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I don’t disagree other than maybe the Pittman analogy. His was a major promotion, and I’m not really sure what families (other than his own) were tethered to his career. If the families of high school prospects and current players are not mentally preparing themselves and their athlete children for the probability (not possibility) that they will not start and finish with the same position coach, then they are not doing their due diligence.

      If I’m a parent of a highly ranked recruit, my shortlist is primarily based on the macro-level structural soundness of the program– how built or easily built for success is the school (finances, surrounding talent), how solid is the head coach’s footing (firing or poaching) and then as my kid narrows it down, I ask him which place he would attend if none of the suitors had a single coach in place or if he got injured and could never play again.


  8. Why should anyone listen to @RicoBeard?


  9. DawgByte

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Randy Edsall comment and philosophy. Senator, it’s quite obvious you have a built-in problem with anyone in authority.