When it comes to the last five years of recruiting…

there is Alabama, there is Georgia and then there is every other school.

The top of the rankings come as no surprise, with Alabama and Georgia as the only schools averaging a top-three class over the past five years. With two No. 1 classes in the past three years, the Bulldogs have closed the gap with the Tide on the recruiting trail created by Nick Saban’s run of consecutive No. 1 classes at the start and through the middle of the decade.

Screenshot_2020-02-12 College football recruiting rankings Schools with the best classes on average over the past five years

That’s what the gap Florida thinks it’s closing looks like.


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21 responses to “When it comes to the last five years of recruiting…

  1. Former Fan

    Wonder why they look at 5 years. At the top, it doesn’t matter as much as it does at the bottom. Recruit good enough, and 3 to 4 years is all you can expect from your best talents.


    • The fifth year used to matter more with freshmen usually red shirting. With that occurring less frequently, the portal, and other early departures; I agree that a four year avg might be more revelant.


  2. spur21

    Our worst year is better than the Gators best year almost the same for Auburn. That makes me smile.


  3. Former Fan

    Clemson has proven that it doesn’t matter as much what the class is ranked, so long as you have a few studs at the right positions and the right coaching.


    • Gaskilldawg

      And play in the ACC, not the SEC. How many championships would Clemson have won in the SEC West?


      • dawgtired

        I’ve argued this point so many times with other CFB fans. SEC teams have a higher mountain to climb before getting to the NC mountain we all have to climb together. And, at times we have to face that same mountain again in the NC. Basically SEC has two NC games…jmo.

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      • Former Fan

        The same as they have now. Seeing as how they beat the best the SEC had to offer in the playoffs. The only thing that might and that’s a big might, have made a difference would be injuries. Maybe Clemson would have lost a game a season, but they would still be there, IMO.


        • Uglydawg.

          There’s a WHOLE lot more too it than just avoiding injuries.
          In the All Cupcake Conference, Dabo gets to play his second and third players a lot..a heck of a lot compared to how many snaps a second or third depth chart player gets in the SEC. Their second string has more practice and development than any other team’s in the country.
          Also, Clemson doesn’t have to spend much time preparing for the next opponent. They can work on studying and defending the teams they will likely face in the playoffs. Clemson can afford to be preparing for, say, Alabama or Ohio State before ACC games while Alabama is sweating out LSU or Auburn. Time can be devoted to film and prep against likely playoff foes instead of no-threat conference foes. Even their Conference Championship Game let them work on Ohio State instead of Virginia (I’m sure they worked on V but not like Ohio State had to work on preparing for Wisconsin).
          All of this, plus avoiding injuries and keeping starters fresh and second stingers polished is a humongous, great, tremendous advantage.

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          • Uglydawg

            And BTW…that extra work Clemson got to do preparing for Ohio State was critical in a game that was so razor thin that the officials had to determine the outcome. Had Clemson been in, say..the SECE..they would have had their clocks cleaned in the SEC Championsip game just like Georgia did..only worse.
            There are probably eight or nine teams in the SEC (maybe more) that make the playoffs every year if they traded conferences with Clemson.


        • Macallanlover

          That is such BS. When Clemson has to win multiple games (3-5) against comparable athletes, get back to me Anyone can beat any given team on one night. That is why anyone who thinks the MNC identifies “the best” is mistaken, it gives you a champion….that is all. And hey, that is better than we ever had before. Clemson may have been the best once, but nothing definitive, imo. ACC is a cakewalk these days, and it never was close to the SEC gauntlet. Doesn’t mean Clemson cannot be the best, not their fault the rest of the conference has tanked, but we will never know.


  4. Bluto…FU is just laying in the weeds, waiting, waiting for that moment their hc can strike with a better crootin’ class than UGA….NOT!


  5. Texas Dawg

    This is irrelevant according go Turd fans. Mullen can take those 3 and occasional 4 stars and coach ’em up like no other. By the time he finishes they are far superior to all those 5 and high 4 stars we have. Isn’t that what keeps coming out from all the writers that cover the Turds?


  6. GruvenDawg

    Not trying to start a different topic but Mullen’s classes look eerily similar to Mark Richt’s classes in how they stacked up in the SEC east and overall SEC. I did the numbers for Kirby vs Richt classes a while back. Perhaps I need to go back and add Mullen into that comparison. I love coach Richt but it was always an uphill climb even early in his tenure to win it all against teams with better talent and not lose more than one during the regular season. That’s why I think Kirby has a higher ceiling for the program based on the talent alone.


    • Normaltown Mike

      What’s interesting to me, at least, was that I thought CMR was a great recruiter and we had talented teams. My primary gripe in his last 5-7 years was roster mismanagement. And I think that’s all basically true.

      But Kirbo has really elevated the quality AND quantity in a really fast manner. I know some like to grumble about our lack of mnc but 4 years into his regime, he’s had a profound change in many areas. Let’s see if he can get that ring.


      • Russ

        I agree with both of you. I liked Richt and thought he did a good job of recruiting, but a top 10 class in the SEC isn’t enough, especially like this year when 7 of the top 10 are in the SEC. Kirby has turbocharged recruiting, AND (more importantly) he’s getting top talent across all the positions, especially the big uglies. The depth on defense is an embarrassment of riches, and even with all the losses on offense, we still have lots of talent there as well. As long as Kirby keeps growing as a HC, the championships will come.


        • Texas Dawg

          Richt always seemed to have a big hole in every recruiting class. The team that was on the field always seemed to be really good with one glaring area of deficiency that it could not hide and overcome. The talent was not evenly distributed. Kirby seems to make it a priority to have ALL areas equally covered.


          • 2675miller

            Unfortunately, we still have some holes. This year was wr due to pathetic wr recruiting until the past two classes. This year it will be wr again as we will be depending on Pickins and then a bunch of freshmen. If Pickins goes down we will have serious problems there again. Plus no LT waiting in the wings (although after this year I’m not sure being great on the ol is overrated.) Next year we will have problems at DT. Always an excuse.


    • I told y’all, I’m dropping a grand on Georgia to win it all at 7-1. I’ve always rolled with “Don’t bet your heart” but I’m considering this a vote of confidence.


  7. Macallanlover

    I think LSU and ohio are right there with Bama and UGA in terms of overall depth of talent. Misstep of one year isn’t necessarily a killer when your other four years are at that level.


  8. McTyre

    Check out Texas’ recent classes and reconcile that with their mostly mediocre W-L record. Good lord that’s underachievement that makes Richt Chapter 2 look stellar.


  9. Every team on that list except Georgia has a national title in the last 23 years.

    Every team except Georgia and Michigan has a national title in the last 20 years.

    Every team except Georgia, Michigan, and Oklahoma has a national title in the last 15 years.