Caught between the proverbial rock and hard place

I hate to break it to those of you who think the NCAA is playing and winning a game of three-dimensional chess as it attempts to put off the consequences of rising discontent with its amateurism protocol, but the reality is it’s growing more likely that it’s going to turn out to be a matter of reaping what it’s sown.

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This is what happens when (1) you change the definition of what you’re defending on the fly to suit your needs and (2) you have zero interest in being proactive about a festering problem.

The courts, state legislatures and Congress are all dropping strong hints that the NCAA’s position is untenable.  It’s hard to see how creating study groups is going to blunt that charge.  But I guess that’s why some of you believe they pay Mark Emmert the big bucks.

Meanwhile, in Florida


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3 responses to “Caught between the proverbial rock and hard place

  1. The Florida proposal actually sounds reasonable.


  2. duronimo

    I propose that the NFL start a farm system like baseball, starting with instructional leagues. Players are evaluated out of high school. Some may get signing bonuses because they are exceptional prospects. College football rosters would come from the student body. Getting athletes to your school would be more about what the school had to offer. Money would go to improve the entire school instead of into facilities for a few hundred athletes. Rosters would be full of home state players. And the NFL would be footing the bill for signing and developing their players … not colleges. OK pile on.