Mel Tucker hot take #1

Naturally, the pundit class has latched on to the former Georgia defensive coordinator’s good fortune as a tale for our time.  Hypocrisy seems to be a common theme, but nobody out there is saying Tucker’s stupid for taking the money and running.

There are a few points I can’t help but latch on to for comment, though.  Take this thought from Andy Staples ($$):

Lesson 4: Don’t bash players looking to transfer when you’ve always looked for other jobs.

Tucker should have known this already, but hopefully this episode has taught him that he lives in the largest glass house in that particular neighborhood. (And he can afford to put a big ol’ addition on that glass house with his new paychecks.) Tucker secured the bag, and that’s great. We all should hope to do the same. But don’t begrudge someone else the opportunity to look elsewhere for a better opportunity when you’ve made a career out of it.

A little more self-awareness might help Tucker in his new job. If I’m Ohio State’s Ryan Day, Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh or Penn State’s James Franklin, I’m pointing out Tucker’s recent about-face to every recruit who is considering my school and Michigan State. Tucker is going to have to work even harder to build trust now, and owning his previous terrible takes would be a great way to start.

Maybe, but if I’m a coach on the recruiting trail, I might be a little hesitant to knock what Tucker did because who’s to say I won’t be the next guy on the receiving end of an offer I can’t refuse?

What’s more likely, were I a coach, is that I wouldn’t be stupid enough to say something like ‘There’s no transfer portal in the real world …’ .


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15 responses to “Mel Tucker hot take #1

  1. gastr1

    I know this isn’t the Playpen, and I’ll stand down subsequently, but what role does hypocritical “disloyalty” charges coming straight outta Twitter from the Oval Office play in this? In this moment we’ve seen how social media humiliation can cause people to stand down. If I’m a coach, what stops me from assuming this approach toward transfers even while always hunting that better job for myself?


    • … what role does hypocritical “disloyalty” charges coming straight outta Twitter from the Oval Office play in this?


      I’m not a Trump fan, but it’s a real stretch to blame this on anything but general “good for me, but not for thee” human nature.

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      • gastr1

        You’re probably right. Still can’t stand to see it, though.


      • Macallanlover

        I am no Trump fan either, but if you are looking for hypocritical “disloyalty”, you will find the best, and most, examples on the Left sides of both the House and Senate…although it exists throughout DC.

        But back to football and Staples’ comment, how exactly would Harbaugh and Franklin attack that from their own glass houses?


        • I am no Trump fan either, but if you are looking for hypocritical “disloyalty”…

          I wasn’t, but thanks for the knee-jerk response.

          Any further political discussion needs to be saved for the Playpen.


        • DawgByte

          Macallanlover – You’re one of the few on here with a modicum of intelligence and common sense. I always enjoy your considered posts.


  2. Texas Dawg

    You would think that other coaches would not use that angle, but I would be surprised if may don’t. Many of them apparently see changing jobs like Tucker differently form a kid transferring since you don’t hear coaches speaking out against the “coach transfer portal”. They also count of people having short memories.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    How is Day or Harbaugh going to bash Tucker? Going from underprivileged minority youth to multimillionaire adult in sports is exactly what most recruits want to emulate.

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  4. ATL Dawg

    “There’s no transfer portal in the real world.” – Mel Tucker, October 2019

    2018 – Georgia DC
    2019 – Colorado HC
    2020 – Michigan State HC



    I don’t get the consternation over Tucker and his going to State.


  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    They are LIVID here in Buffalo land. Tucker just didn’t turn down MSU at first, he doubled down with a firm commitment to stay at CU…then left at midnight. Another side if the hypocrisy is the CU AD now insisting that the next hire be “one of their own” with an absolute loyalty litmus test. First, he’s likely to hire someone who is currently employed…guess loyalty is a one way street in Boulder. Two, with any success, see how that litmus test works at contract renegotiation time. Maybe all the weed smoking does make them lose touch with reality.


  7. stoopnagle

    He did it for the money, Lebowski.

    That said, which path is more likely to the playoff?

    Colorado in the Pac-12 North, where you definitely have to win all your games to get consideration; or Michigan State in the B1G East, where you have room for error, but you have to play both Michigan and Ohio State every year?


  8. Bat City Dawg

    I would personally have stayed at $2.7MM and remained in BOCO, but that is me. Nothing is more short-sighted in life and in your career than doing things for the money. It backfires way more than it doesn’t, just because this involves more than one comma doesn’t mean it gets special consideration.