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Dawgnation, around the globe

It may not be Montana, but via commenter Sashko1943 comes this snappy number from Jerusalem:



We ever’where.



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“The loan, provided by the athletic association, is another burden on the department’s finances.”

This is how Georgia Tech rolls.

… The department was facing a $700,000 deficit for its annual budget prior to the loan and the fund balance was projected to end the fiscal year at $4.6 million in the red.

The repayment ends a curious and embarrassing episode for Tech and Stansbury, whose original contract was designed to address the buyout obligation to Oregon State in the form of a salary that was 80% higher than his income at Oregon State and $200,000 greater than his predecessor Mike Bobinski, as well as a $1.1 million loan from Tech that would be forgiven if he were to stay at Tech for the length of his five-year contract.

I thought those people were supposed to be good at math.


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